12 Places to Find Adventure in London

Kayaking London

While it’s known for its mixture of history and modern culture, many people forget that London is a city made for adventure! Whether your personal idea of adventure extends to finding high octane new experiences, or represents something a little less frantic – we have a few top ideas for adventure seekers staying in the city.

Here are some of the best places for you to find adventure in London…

Kayaking London 

There are many different ways to explore the waterways of London, but few of them are quite as adventure-fuelled as this one. Kayaking might not seem like a city sport, but the team behind this company are eager to change all that.

For fans of the great outdoors and budding seafarers, you can pass by some of the best attractions in the city while still feeling free. Top sights you’ll pass along the way include the likes of the London Eye, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. This is the perfect whistle-stop tour for anyone who wants to keep moving while staying at accommodation in London Paddington.  

The Crystal Maze Live Experience

In the 1990s, the TV show The Crystal Maze was a big hit with young audiences. Today it can be recreated by grownups, thanks to the Crystal Maze Live Experience.

Run by your very own Maze Master, you’ll be able to travel through a range of different time zones to complete tasks and pick up clues. Every single crystal collected brings you and your team closer to winning!

There’s a bar on site where you can celebrate your success afterwards. We recommend this activity for older families and couples at a London Paddington Hotel. 

Go Ape

This is the ideal spot for you to channel the animal within, scaling through the treetops with the Go Ape team. This adventure experience provides an assault course of zip wires, high ropes and much more – including an array of bridges high above the ground below.

If you ever feel like getting away from city life without actually leaving the city, join Go Ape at Cockfosters, Battersea Park or Alexandra Palace while staying at the Park Grand Hotel.

Up at the O2

O2 Arena

The 02 Arena has swiftly become one of London’s top event spaces, hosting fantastic acts from around the globe. It is also amongst the most distinctive sights in the London skyline.

If you feel like seeing this sight up close, then join Up at the O2. By scaling its heights you’ll be able to take a few photographs during your sunset trip, all while watching the city below.

WakeUp Docklands

Action-packed and active, WakeUp Docklands is dedicated to a number of different early morning activities, including paddleboarding, pilates on a paddle board and wakeboarding. If any of these activities appeal, you can enjoy them in style from this spot!

Oxygen Freejumping

Run at some of the top London parks, Oxygen Freejumping is a fitness session like no other, and has already developed a strong following. Challenging some of the healthiest participants, this is a wonderful way to test yourself and your abilities while also enjoying the great outdoors.

London Helicopter Tours

Taking a tour of the city in a helicopter might sound like the stuff of fantasy, but it’s entirely possible with the right tour operator. The London skyline is renowned for its beauty, yet many of the best ways to see it rely on you staying quite still for quite a long time. If this sounds too challenging for those adventure seekers out there, then taking a London Helicopter Tour will allow you to gain a different view of a city known to so many.

London Speedboat Tours

If a Kayak can’t quite cut it, then why not opt for a London speedboat tour? For those who thrive on adrenaline and adventure, this could just be the ideal combination of London sightseeing and fun.

Along the way you’ll be able to see some of London’s major landmarks – though you won’t stay for long!

Parkour Generations

A free-running class which takes place within a custom built gym and in a variety of top locations in London, Parkour Generations allows you to get closer to some of the most impressive sights the city has to offer.

Free-running has grown in popularity in recent years, and now has a strong fan base of dedicated participants. If you’ve never thought of trying it before this would be the ideal opportunity to get involved.

ArcelorMittal Orbit

Half artistic sculpture, half high-octane sporting activity. This is one of the highlights of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and a great way to see more of London. You can opt to either scale to the top or scale the structure and then ride the world’s highest slide all the way down – it’s up to you. Along the way you’ll be able to see more of London at a fast pace!

Alternatively, you can also enjoy abseiling from this location – another way to get the blood pumping and enjoy some adventures in the city.

Lee Valley White Water Centre

Taking a trip along the rapids in a white water raft is another of the best ways to indulge your adventurous spirit. After enjoying breakfast near Paddington, take a trip along the water to try out a wide variety of different sporting activities including tubing and hydro-speeding. Whether you’ve tried it before or are simply eager to find a new hobby, you’re sure to have a great time discovering the city from another angle.

UK Bungee Club

Bungee jumping is one of the ultimate adventure-seeker activities, dropping you from a great height to the city below. This particular bungee club will suspend you from 160ft, giving you wonderful views of London at an angle which most people will never see.

Canary Wharf and the City of London will never look quite the same ever again.