3 Pieces of Royal History within Reaching Distance of the Park Grand Hotel

3 Pieces of Royal History

As you might expect, London is filled with all things royal. The capital city offers everything any aspiring royal watcher could possibly hope for, including an array of royal residences and plenty of royal history. In this blog, we’ll focus on three of the most significant sites for budding royal historians, all within easy reach of your hotel…

3 Pieces of Royal History

Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey London

Ideal for visitors to the Park Grand London Paddington, it really doesn’t get much more grand or regal than Westminster Abbey. Built in its current form by Henry III all the way back in 1245, the Abbey’s history actually dates back even further than that. Listed as a World Heritage Site due to both its startling beauty and historical significance, the Abbey is close to the Palace of Westminster (now better known as the Houses of Parliament). It has long been a site of coronations, royal weddings and burials.

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An earlier building on this site was championed by Edward the Confessor (between 1042-52) and the first documented coronation here took place in 1066, when William the Conqueror declared himself King of England.

Tower of London

Tower of London

For an altogether more grim and gruesome look at London’s royal past, the Tower of London offers a range of guided tours and experiences for those who want to discover more about this famed London castle. From its early status as a fortress, through to its time as a royal palace and subsequent life as a famed prison and execution site, the tower is alive with history.

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Guests can learn much more about the tower’s past, as well as learning more about some of its famed prisoners who lived and died behind its high walls centuries ago. It’s also where the Crown Jewels are housed, offering a truly royal location for any visitor to our Hyde Park Paddington Hotels!

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace Entrance

Since 1837, Buckingham Palace has served as the British monarch’s official royal residence. Today, it also acts as a sort of HQ for all things royal, with events and official receptions routinely held here in the opulent state rooms.

The building’s state rooms open to visitors each summer, but even during the autumn and winter the outside can still be viewed from the exterior grounds alongside the famed changing of the guard, which offers quite a sight for royal fans.

Buckingham Palace Route from Park Grand London Paddington Hotel

Buckingham Palace also includes the Royal Mews, a working stable which houses a vast array of royal coaches and carriages which are used in processions and at special events. Buckingham Palace is both historic and current, and a great place for anyone staying at the Park Grand London Paddington to take a stroll around and enjoy a quintessentially British institution.

A truly royal location

These are just a few of the many royal-tinged venues throughout the city, offering a very special glimpse at the workings of the UK’s most famous institution, past and present.