4 beautiful streets to see within walking distance of Park Grand London Paddington


When people think of London, they often think of the hustle and bustle of a busy city. But if you just think of the people and the busy streets, it’s easy to miss the buildings that line the streets—some of which can be incredibly beautiful.

You don’t need to head straight to the Palace of Westminster or other central London attractions to find the best-looking buildings and streets in the capital. So many of them can be found within walking distance.

Conduit Mews

Conduit Mews, Paddington

Paddington is known for being full of traditional British red brick and white Georgian stone, but there’s a surprise just a five-minute walk away from Park Grand Hotel Paddington. Turn down Conduit Mews and you’ll discover overflowing window boxes in houses painted all the colours of the rainbow.

From pastel pink to cornflower blue, and even a black home with white shutters, this hidden street is one of London’s best-kept secrets. It’s perfect for Instagram, or for dreaming you live there.

Bathurst Mews

If you could name something you wouldn’t expect to find in central London, horses might be high up on the list. But Bathurst Mews is home to the last two riding schools in central London.

Duck into the street, leave the street, and enter a world of greenery. Bushes, leaves and trees greet you as you step inside. There are picnic tables for any hungry riders, and if you’re lucky you might stumble across a glossy chestnut-brown horse who’ll pose for a photo.

Sussex Mews West

Sussex Mews West is connected to Bathurst Mews, and you might feel like you’re going down a country manor estate as you enter these mews. The residents of these quiet houses have filled the street with fresh plants, so if you love the sight of green in the city, you’ll love this street.

The real star of the show is the house at the very end of the street. A tree was planted beside it many years ago, and it’s grown into and around the house. Starting just by the front door, the tree’s branches stretch over the doorframe, over the walls, and up to the windows of the very top storey and onto the roof. Definitely one to photograph, because it looks so magical.

Craven Hill Gardens

A visit to Craven Hill Gardens is definitely for you if you want to know more about the history of London. The entire street was built in the 1800s, and the grand terraces are only a short walk away from Hyde Park.

This famous street is so beautiful it’s even been used for filming in Notting Hill! Who knows—if you go to take some photographs you might find yourself as extras in the next big Hollywood blockbuster.

The best way to find the most beautiful places in London is to explore. With the Park Grand Hotel Paddington being located so centrally in the heart of one of London’s most historical districts, you won’t have to wander long before you find some.

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