5 Things to Do After a Meeting in London This Month


You’ve done everything you need to do, the meetings and the business affairs are all wrapped up, and now you’ve got some time to yourself. There is no shortage of things to do in London, and whether you want food, relaxation or something with a little more adrenaline, London has got it.

So, if you’ve got some time on your hands and want to enjoy what London has to offer, read on.

Island Grill

Priding itself on sustainable sourcing for its ingredients, Island Grill is a great eatery and only a five-minute walk from your room at the Park Grand London Lancaster Gate.

The décor is very airy and light, and Island Grill has a nice, relaxed atmosphere – perfect after a day of meetings. What’s more, the menu is very contemporary, delivering modern dishes that also satisfy your appetite. It’s worth checking out the home-smoked salmon with chargrilled sourdough, because it really is amazing.

Island Grill serves brunch, lunch and dinner, so you can go along anytime and enjoy the great food and healthy drinks list.

The Mitre

Right in the heart of Lancaster Gate, The Mitre is a great, traditional British pub that has a well-earned reputation.


For a start, it’s a great location, looking and feeling like the type of pub where you can grab a seat and just relax for the afternoon or evening. More than that though, The Mitre also serves up very nice food, with sandwiches on offer during the day and dinner during the evenings. If you haven’t filled up at the Park Grand Restaurant, it’s the ideal place to grab a pint and a snack.

Kensington Gardens

If, after a long day, you want somewhere tranquil and beautiful to collect your thoughts, you can’t do much better than Kensington Gardens.

Kensington Garden

It’s a quick hop from any of the Park Grand hotels close to Bayswater Tube Station, so you don’t have far to go. Kensington Gardens truly is one of the most beautiful spots in the capital, with lakes, wooded areas and sculptures littered about the place.

It’s the perfect place to take five and reflect on the day just passed. And because it’s so well situated, you can retired to the Park Grand Restaurant when your stomach starts to rumble. What could be better?

Grosvenor Casino Golden Horseshoe

If you want something that will get your adrenaline pumping, or just want to sit in on a few games of poker, the Grosvenor Casino Golden Horseshoe is the ideal spot.

Just a ten-minute walk from the Park Grand London Lancaster Gate, it’s a fully equipped casino with all the games you need for a good time.

It’s awesome fun and holds regular poker tournaments, so check it out.

Spa and Massage


If there is one thing guaranteed to relax you after an intense business meeting it’s a spa session or indulgent massage. Even a quick 25 minute head, neck and shoulder massage can work wonders at reviving flagging spirits. If you don’t have time to book a spa treatment, try downloading a meditation app to follow in your room back at the Park Grand London.