Your 6 Tips For Packing For A London Visit


London is in northern Europe, which is not widely renowned for its golden sandy beaches and pleasant weather. While spring and summer can be bright and warm, it’s only an optimist who doesn’t bring at least a jacket when they’re going to London. Although the stereotype about rainfall being an everyday occurrence isn’t true, it’s certainly something to be prepared for.

Here are some tips to pack well before you arrive at your room in The Park Grand Paddington.

Pack for all weathers

It’s easy to forget, but the UK is essentially an island kingdom. This means that changeable weather can happen very fast due to winds on the sea or being blown across from Europe. It won’t automatically be raining all day if it starts on the morning of a lovely October day, but you could then see the weather cycle through bright sun, white or grey cloud, hail and sleet within a 24 hour period.

Rather than hanging up your light spring wardrobe in the Park Grand Paddington and then being disappointed when you open your curtains the next day to find it raining, try to pack for all weathers. Light shirts, heavy jumpers, jeans, and layers are all the key to a great travelling wardrobe.

Wear comfortable shoes

London wasn’t built to be a city; it started as a collection of villages and eventually grew to join up. This means that exploring it can take you across some long stretches of road and street, possibly uneven or cobbled. So even if those new shoes look irresistible in the light of the Park Grand Paddington hotel, they might not be the best choice to wear before a long day.

Take the smallest suitcase you can

London is busy; if you’re going on the Tube with your suitcase to the Park Grand Paddington, it’s better to be able to move your suitcase out of the way on the luggage racks instead of banging them into the legs and feet of fellow travellers.

Bring plug adaptors

Visitors from other countries will be exasperated by Britain’s three-pin plug solution, and will need to buy some plug adaptors for their room at the Park Grand Paddington. How else will you be able to share the amazing holiday pictures of all the London landmarks if you can’t charge your phone?

Find a trusted umbrella

When it does rain in London, it’s difficult to predict when it will stop. Don’t get a cheap umbrella and throw it into your luggage; find an umbrella with a make and model that you trust. Otherwise, it might blow inside out the first time you use it.

Bring a jacket and a coat

Weather changes day to day, but if you bring both a lighter jacket and a heavier coat you should be protected against all the elements the weather will try to throw at you. Even better, if you’ve got a coat with a hood, you can keep the rain off!