A common mistake – St Mary Le Bow Church


London is one of the most popular and beautiful cities of the world, it is a city that attract many millions of people travel to every year, when people think of London they think of the main attractions, the parks, the royal family, the palaces, the London eye, the river Thames and so on. What people tend to forget is the hidden treasures that are the true culture and history of the city, for instance St Mary e Bow Church, it is one of the most historic churches in the city. The church was once considered the second most important in the city, the first being St Pauls Cathedral, so it goes without saying that during the fires of London, the wars and storms that destroyed the church did not prevent it being rebuilt, fixed and restored.

There are many beautiful areas of London for you to stay at, and hotels near Paddington station are some of the most popular choices, they have great rail networks and because they are located close to Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens but staying in this beautiful area of London should not restrict you getting about the city, you can travel for 5 minutes from Paddington station to the underground at Lancaster gate, this is where you can get the central line direct to St Mary Le Bow Church. It is a straight forward route and so long as you don’t mind the underground you will be able to get about the city. It is a direct train from Lancaster gate to St Mary Le Bow, so there is no swapping and changing involved.

There are so many other beautiful sights for you to see, but this is one that is often over looked, the church offers prayers every day at 08.15 and 17.45 except on Tuesdays. Anyone is welcomes to attend and each session only lasts 15 minutes. Not only is this one of London’s most historical churches but it is also strongly connected to the historic Royal family.  It is simple to get sucked up into the cosmopolitan side that London offers, do not forget the traditions and the historic platforms that lay amongst the city, they are the foundations of what has become one of the world’s most beautiful cities.

There is no city like London, each have been built up over time and have become business hubs and social hot spots, London is one of the very few cities that have the lengthy history and the still visible remnants of any destruction that have taken place over the years. Over all the city has become stronger, everything from the great fire that destroyed London in 1666 to the terrorist attacks in 2007, it has brought the people together and more united.