A Stress Free Way To Start Your Flight From Heathrow


London Heathrow is one of the world’s busiest and most important international airports. From family holidays to business trips, the airport caters for up to 70 million travellers every year.  For an airport that is located within the M25, the transportation of these passengers to and from the airport is a logistical challenge.  Driving in to London is notoriously difficult and car parking at the airport can be very expensive.  If you are traveling to or from London on business, the most stress free way to travel is by train.  Rail links extend from London to all the major cities within the UK.  The Heathrow Express train service shuttles rail passengers to and from the airport and the dedicated terminal for this service, London Paddington.

The easiest and most stress free way to travel if you are flying from Heathrow is to find a hotel near to Paddington Station.  Paddington is easily accessible from within the city of London and is the end destination for train services from many places including Cardiff, Oxford and Bristol.

Whilst saying overnight in a hotel might seem like an added and unnecessary expense, there are many advantages to arriving in London the day before a flight.  Firstly, the risk of missing your flight is greatly reduced, and a stay overnight in a nice hotel will mean that you will be fresh and relaxed before your journey.  There is also the opportunity to have a fulfilling breakfast before setting off on a trip.  You can find some great value for money deals such as the special offers available for the Park Grand London, Paddington which offers all its guests a modern and unique place to stay at the start of end of a trip.

When it comes to travelling from your hotel to the airport, the Heathrow Express is a great option.  There is ample room for luggage and the level access to the platform means that heavy cases can be loaded and unloaded with ease.  Wide seats and a media system showing weather and entertainment clips, provides the most comfortable start to a journey that can be wished for.  The trains run from Paddington every 15 minutes during the day so there is little need to worry about missing a connection if you are staying nearby.