All about the Hyde park festival 2015


Hyde Park is one of the most famous attractions in London tours and it is the simple elegance and beauty of the cheap hotels here that is the comfort factor.

Hyde Park is one of the largest parks in London and is also the most royal of them. It is very famous amongst the locals for its Speaker’s Corner. Here everyone come and talk passionately about any topic of interest. Earlier the venue for the 1851 exhibition, it was Joseph Paxton who designed the magnificent Crystal Palace here. Today it is one of the most celebrated parks in the city of London and this yesteryear royal hunting ground got opened to public use sometime in the seventeenth century. The amazing grassland and the shady patches of relaxation enable the locals here to come for a picnic. Many of them also come here just to play their favorite game whether it is cricket or football. There is an interesting recreational lake area here called the Serpentine which is also equally popular. People use this area for boating and swimming. Then you have the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain and the most artistically constructed memorial to the victims of the London Bombings of 7/7.

Hotel Stays in Hyde Park

While on tours to London, the hotel stays are comfortable and convenient. However, for those who wish to get it cheap, there are those easy to use cheap hotels in Hyde Park which provide you the required facilities at lesse cost. For travellers who watch a tight budget, yet wish to stay in the plush surroundings of Hyde Park, it is these hotels which help them enjoy their travels better.

Marble Arch Hotel

This is a beautiful hotel and also a cheap one providing comfortable and convenient facilities. Located at a prime spot in the centre of London, this is very close to Hyde Park. With simple, comfortable rooms, this gives you a choice to use private bathrooms or shared ones. With perfect comforts and facilities like television, tea and coffee maker, WI –fi, and a plush lounge, the stays here are quite rejuvenating. Breakfast facilities are also provided along with a left luggage office. Look at the green stretch of fascinating Hyde Park from the rooms here and bask in the glory of feeling the aura of Buckingham Palace close to you. Oxford Street, the hub of shopping in Europe is also near this hotel and the Theatre land is just a public bus or metro journey away from Marble Arch. Located very near the Covent Garden, this hotel also offers you the other London attractions like St. Paul’s Cathedral, Soho,, Notting Hill and The Tower of London all in and around the area.

Griffin House Hotel

Visit this part of Hyde Park and enjoy the conveniences of this compactly furnished hotel with affordable guest rooms and convenient facilities. A simply furnished room with television, Wi-Fi, and heating facilities, this offers some of the best ways to enjoy stays here in Hyde Park. Add to this, the fact the singles have a sink as well as a shower makes stays more reasonable and affordable. The 24 hour reception along with a left luggage office facility makes your stay here very easy. Just very near the Hyde Park, the area around the hotel would allow you to experience the innumerable shops, pubs, cafes, and restaurants adding to your travel delights. The British Museum, the Big Ben and such London attractions are just around ten minutes from the hotel. The Underground Railway is a major source of communication here and people travel and enjoy the benefits of being in these cheap but comfortable hotels.

Rose Court Hotel

Then there is the Rose Court Hotel which is in the West End area of Marble Arch. Hyde Park and Oxford Street are just around five minutes from here. With a private bathroom and a hair dryer facility, the other usual comforts like tea coffee making, telephone, Wi-Fi are also present. The family and the doubles room have combined beds and guests may request for ironing facilities through the reception desk which is available 24 hours. You many choose between a continental and an English breakfast and then enjoy the pleasures of visiting Madame Tussauds, St. James’ park, Buckingham Palace and the innumerable art galleries, museums, theatres, and shops in this part of West End.

HydePark Festival 2015

Hyde Park Festival 2015 is due in this area next year and everyone is gearing up for the event. It is said that the Rock Veterans the Who would be coming here in celebration of their 50th anniversary tour by coming back to Hyde Park. Their performance would signify the end of their decade long UK tour which also means they would say a slow good bye. Along with them Taylor Swift the US singer also plans to visit the festival next year. She is going to be a part of the Glastonbury Festival in Hyde Park. She is an artist who loves outdoor performances and Hyde Park is getting geared for all these festive events next year.

How Do Cheap Hotels Help in Hyde Park

When you are in London, you would also want to feel closer to nature. Hyde Park provides you the tranquility and serenity which relaxes your torus here. With big stores, history and culture attached to it, Hyde Park also is a natural haven for those tired tourists. It is one of the largest recreational zones in London and is a great place to escape from the madding crowd in Kensington and Oxford Street. The simple architectural elegance and the royal feel that the entire city of London gives is endorsed here in Hyde Park. It is also in close proximity to places like the Victoria and Albert Museum which is a worthwhile visit for the decorative arts and design objects here. Then you have the Natural History Museum here filled with around 80 million items to scour. All these make it important that you stay in Hyde Park and if you get a cheap accommodation then nothing like it.