An Audience with Queen Victoria


This is no doubt a special event. You have much to know and more to know if you really wish to be a part of this event. However, if you really want to be an audience at the place you first have to meet with her private secretary to get well accustomed with the ways and the norms. At the place you would closely know how best to behave with the respectable Queen and pay attention to everything she says. This is the queenliest experience you can have in life and when you meet the Private Secretary he can really guide you for the purpose.

Before the event starts the Private Secretary will tell you how to react at the event and what to say at the occasion. Your behavior would be best guided and screened on the occasion. Your manner and way of speaking – matter to a great extent. You can have so many things to ask to the Queen when you meet her in person. However, you cannot put up with all questions before her. It would be counted as impertinence. So make sure to discuss the queries with the Private Secretary and he would be able to tell you right about the type of questions to be discussed.

What is the Queen thinking about the empire? This is important for you to know. This is a good scope for you to read her thoughts and you are sure to do it well. The Private Secretary will tell you to take a bow and pay homage to the queen. He will perfectly guide you and show you the way of how best you can behave yourself on the occasion. This even is the best platform for you to read her mind and thus you must stay well prepared for the occasion.