The art exhibits to keep a look out for this month


For centuries, London has been a hub of art and culture, serving as a home to some of the greatest creative minds throughout history and drawing in millions of tourists every year to browse its many iconic institutions.

Just a short walk from our hotels near Paddington Stationyou’ll find some of the most famous art houses, galleries and museums in the world. If you’re planning a trip to the Park Grand Kensington London this month, here are some of the must-see art exhibits to keep an eye out for.


Tate Modern: Bankside, London

Until 2 April, 2018

Fans of modern and contemporary art will not want to miss out on a chance to explore the halls of the famous Tate Modern and this month, you’re in for a treat. In addition to a number of other exciting events, the Modigliani exhibition will become open to the public. The iconic style developed by Modigliani has been featured in countless galleries and museums across the world. Now, you have a unique opportunity to browse one of the most comprehensive collections of his works during your time at the Park Grand Kensington London.

Sondra Perry: Typhoon Coming On

Serpentine Galleries: Kensington Gardens

6 Mar – 20 May, 2018

In the heart of the beautiful Kensington Gardens, you’ll find one of London’s leading contemporary art galleries. Inside, you’ll discover a treasure trove of incredible works. The art community is currently buzzing with the announcement of the Serpentine Gallery’s latest exhibition. Typhoon Coming On will be the very first exhibition in Europe to showcase the work of Sondra Perry. As a rising star in the world of art, she has changed the way people think about black identity by exploring the relationship between digital culture and modern power structures.

Winnie the Pooh: Exploring a Classic

V&A Museum: Cromwell Road, London

Until 8 Apr, 2018

Take a trip to the beautiful Victoria and Albert Museum and check out the latest exhibit that looks into the rich history of the world’s most beloved bear. As one of the leading institutions of art and design in Europe, the V&A Museum boasts a huge collection of iconic material. The Winnie the Pooh exhibit showcases the timeline of the famous character and how the designs became so prevalent in modern culture. This is a must-see if you’re travelling to London with kids this month.

Murillo: The Self Portraits

National Gallery: Trafalgar Square, London

28 Feb – 21 May, 2018

The historic National Gallery is one of London’s oldest art institutions and also one of its most beautiful buildings. Take a trip to Trafalgar Square this month and make your way through the halls of the gallery to discover the incredibly rare collection of portraits by renowned Spanish master, Murillo. It will be the first time in over three centuries that all of his portraits have been displayed together so be sure not to miss out on this amazing opportunity.