Be tempted by the French way of life


France has a lot to offer visitors looking for a varied and enjoyable holiday.

The European country has amazing beaches, divine food and spectacular mountains, which makes it a magnet for millions of tourists from around the world.

France is also the home of some of the most iconic landmarks, such as the Arc de Triomphe, the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre gallery and Notre Dame and that is just in the capital of Paris.

Across the rest of the country, visitors can discover vineyards, captivating architecture and stunning landscapes – all while sampling local delicacies such as cheese, meats and wine.

Getting to France

There are several airports in France, with the busiest being Paris Charles de Gaulle. There is also Paris Orly in the capital, while other important hubs can be found in Nice and Lyon–Saint-Exupéry.

Where to go in France?

One of the main advantages of France is that it is so varied, but that also makes it very hard for travelers to decide which region to visit first.

Most tourists opt to explore Paris because of it being the most famous French city. However, it is important not to miss out other great sights the country has to offer.

Lyon is perfect for foodies as it is home to around 2,000 restaurants, while an after dinner stroll is ideal to take in some of the city’s beautiful Renaissance architecture.

Nice will appeal to those looking for some summer sun, with its sandy beaches and warm sea. There are also lots of spas in the city – perfect for relaxing and some pampering. Regarded as the capital of the French Riviera, Nice is also a short distance from the glamorous worlds of Monte Carlo and Cannes.

Hire a car to explore more

A great way to discover the real France is to hire a car and head out. French roads are surprisingly good and the scenery is stunning. There are plenty of road trips down the south coast of France, where you can pass by lovely villages such as Grasse, Dignes and Sisteron.

Alternatively, consider a 460 mile drive in the form of the La Route De Grande Alpes. Beginning at Lake Evian and finishing in Nice, you will pass through a whole mix of French landscapes ranging from snow-topped mountains to lush countryside.

Must see places in France

France has so much to offer that it really can’t be covered in one trip, but there are some regions that really are worth making the time to visit.

Le Mont Saint-Michel

Located in Normandy, Le Mont Saint-Michel boasts of its stunning settings and a rich history. The small medieval town is just off the north-western coast of France and is around 247 acres in size. Less than 50 people live in the town, but it is without doubt one of France’s most beautiful sites.

The 2016 Tour de France started at Le Mont Saint-Michel, and visitors every year flock to the Romanesque Abbey that is based on the rocky outcrop.

French Riviera

For real sun you should head to the Cote d’Azur – widely know as the French Riviera. This area is often seen in blockbuster movies as the glamorous side of French life and the playground of the rich and famous.

Every year, the Cannes Film Festival attracts Hollywood stars, while the Monte Carlo casinos appeal to some of the richest people in the world.

Head to Antibes or Saint-Tropez to see the luxury yachts and enjoy a relaxing day on the sand.

Of course Paris 

Paris is regarded as one of the world’s most wonderful cities and it really does have a lot to see and do. Alongside fabulous restaurants, there is great shopping with numerous designer boutiques making it a favorite for fashion lovers. Plus, the magic of  Disneyland Paris will appeal to both children and adults.