The best museum exhibitions to see this month


London is a city filled with fantastic museums, so whatever you’re into this January, you’re sure to find something to suit your taste and interests! From art to literature, music, science and more, the sheer variety is astounding. Here’s our pick of the best exhibitions to catch this month.

Opera: Passion, Power & Politics

V&A – Until 25th February 2018

This masterclass explores the true depth behind the meaning of opera both historically and within the modern world, delving deep beneath the façade to explain how it’s influence spread from Italy across Europe. For those with an interest in both history and culture, this is sure to provide a treat while visiting the Grand Park London Paddington, as there are great displays on offer which transport guests through the world of opera from the first ever operatic performance in Venice in 1642 via some remarkable designs, sketches and costumes. There are also stunning paintings and lots of information about the world which created opera and the world it helped to influence. If you’re staying at our hotels near Paddington Station and are interested in learning more about a world-famous art form, this could be just the ticket.

v & a museum london

Balenciaga: Shaping Fashion

V&A – Until 18th February 2018

Those with a love of fine clothing will adore this exhibition which explores how an innovative designer’s touch has helped to shape modern fashion tastes. With plenty of stunning dresses on display, this is a true feast for the eyes over two floors of inspiring haute couture which is enough to bring out the fashionista in anyone.

Harry Potter: A History of Magic

British Library – Until 28th February 2018

british Library, London

This exhibition at the British Library is quite a lavish affair, with the library pulling out all the stops in celebration of 20 years of the now-iconic Harry Potter universe. Each room has been modelled after an area of Hogwarts, and the displays are sure to delight both younger visitors and those adults who share a sneaky love of the Harry Potter universe! This could prove just as illuminating for those who simply appreciate the influence of literature and author JK Rowling’s own thoughts on her most famous creation. If you’re a dedicated bookworm, be sure to add it to your must-see list during your stay at the Grand Park London Paddington.

The Museum of Witchcraft and Magic in London

The Last Tuesday Society – Until 28th February 2018

Something a little different arrives in London this January as this Cornish tourist attraction takes a prime spot in the local museum scene. Filled with curiosities from the world of the occult such as a Witch Mirror and altars for performing spells, the exhibition looks set to be one of the strangest exhibitions in the city, taking up residence in equally quirky surroundings. However, for those with a taste for seeing this exhibit which is usually only reserved for those venturing to the South West, it could prove a highly rewarding and intriguing way to start your year.