Which Are The Best Parks Near Park Grand Paddington?


One thing that tends to surprise first-time visitors to London is the amount of greenery that London holds within it. For such a busy city, there are plenty of spaces with shaded trees, grass, benches, and places to walk dogs or let children run around and play.

Even if you’re staying in a hotel up to the standard of the Park Grand London Paddington, there comes a time where you need to walk in the fresh air and admire the flowers. That’s where these parks come into play.

Hyde Park

Hyde Park is of course one of the most famous parks in London. It was used for years by fashionable nobles to show off gowns and hats and to swap gossip or exchange secret messages, through the crush of carriages on Rotten Row. Now it’s one of the largest green spaces in London, where you can visit the famed Speakers’ Corner and hear from anyone who wishes to say anything, listen to musicians strike up a tune at the Hyde Park Bandstand, and even take a jog around the Serpentine. It’s so close to the Park Grand London Paddington that it’s practically on your doorstep, and it would be a great shame to miss something that could become your favourite part of London.

Kensington Gardens

Kensington Gardens are found within Hyde Park, and have the honoured royal connection that comes with them being attached to Kensington Palace. They were private gardens used by the royal family until the late 18th century, and even then only the ‘respectably dressed’ could enter. Happily, now there is nobody to tell you not to come in if you’re wearing the wrong shoes, so feel free to leave the Park Grand London Paddington and step out into this beautiful part of London. You can even wander around the impressive Serpentine Gallery if you feel so inclined.

Italian Water Gardens

Found inside Kensington Gardens, these gardens are the result of Prince Albert’s idea in 1861. They were presented as a gift to his beloved wife, Queen Victoria. The garden hides their initials on one of the Pump House walls, but it’s unknown how much time the loved-up royal couple spent here. Go here for astonishing fountains and sunken flowerbeds in the Italian style. The gardens are even Grade II listed by Historic England!

Gloucester Square Gardens

Gloucester Square is far and away the most private garden on this list, because it is technically a private residents’ garden only for those who dwell in Gloucester Square itself. However, it is open to the public at the weekends for a number of hours, where visitors can enter and see the amazing number of themes and styles held in the small space. There’s a small woodland garden, a central landscaped area, and two flowerbeds brimming not just with flowers, but also plants, herbs and vegetables.

This garden has won awards, too; Best Community Project in 2013 and Bronze for Best Community Garden in 2014.