The Best Places To See The Performed Arts In London


One of the things that makes London such a big tourist destination is the huge amount of entertainment on offer. The art and culture scene is brimming with amazing talent and, if you know the best places to look, you can make the most of your time in the city. The Park Grand Hotel Paddington is located close to Bayswater Tube Station, making it easy to get around when you’re looking for things to do. Here are a few examples of where you can see some great performance art.

The Fantastic World of Dr Seuss

If you want to see a show that will be perfect for the kids, or for adults who want to reconnect with their inner child, then you could step into the imagination of Dr Seuss at the Discover Children’s Story Centre. Located on Stratford high street, this venue is easily accessible by bus or the Underground. This immersive exhibition gives viewers the chance to get involved and take on the role of the whacky characters from the Dr Seuss universe. Witness a great performance as the characters take you on a journey, spinning stories that will having you crying with laughter.

The Secret World of John Wesley

This unique experience takes you back in time as you get to uncover the life of famous English minister, John Wesley. This interactive show is put together by a brilliant cast of character actors who take on the roles of historical figures. Participants are given the chance to talk with John himself and ask questions about his past and the role that he played in the founding of Methodism. The show is housed at Wesley’s Chapel, House and Museum, just outside the City of London.

Street Performers

Street Performers

Sometimes the best venue you can find in London is the street. It plays host to hundreds of talented performers who take to the pavement every day to entertain those passing by. Trafalgar Square is particularly good for finding performance art, often drawing in big crowds.

Musicians are regularly spotted outside of the National Gallery, with performances from singers, guitarists and even drummers that use homemade drum kits. Other performances have included things like street dancing and gymnastics. If you are near Trafalgar square and you’re lucky enough for the weather to be nice, then you are sure to find some of the amazing performance art that London is renowned for.

Magic Circle Close Up


If you’re looking to make your stay in London truly magical then prepare to have your mind blown at the Magic Circle in Kings Cross. The historical building is the centre of Britain’s magic scene and has hosted some of the greatest conjurers in the world. If you’ve only ever watched magic on TV then this is a great opportunity to witness some of the best illusions with your very own eyes. The Magic Circle regularly hosts close-up magic session which gives viewers the chance to see a professional magic show performed by world class magicians.

London has so much to offer when it comes to performance arts. At the Park Grand Hotel Paddington we know how much talent there is to discover in the city, so hopefully these suggestions will help you get started on your hunt for entertainment.