The best things to do at the Columbia Road Flower Market


Nothing beats the beauty of fresh flowers and that is exactly what you can expect at the exclusive Columbia Road Flower Market of London. Just like the vibrant city of London, you will experience a delectable mix of fresh flowers, plants, pots and planters, garden supplies and more in every corner of this lively and busy market. A Sunday stunner, this market is a must visit of you are looking for a unique experience in the city of London.

The market street on Sunday is beautifully set up with chic boutiques and stalls selling flowers, gorgeous planters, beautiful things for your garden and other horticulture delights. Most the plants and products sold here are grown and produced locally, which only adds to their exclusivity.

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For photography

What a better a place than the refreshing, colourful and vibrant Columbia Flower Market to get some amazing photographs for memories and for your social media. At this beautiful location you find cosy cafes, street art, colourful shops and boutiques, and of course the bright and refreshing flowers, plants, pots and more. A delight for photographers, this market is a great place to take your camera and get some nice candid shots. You can truly capture the vibe, energy and the happy atmosphere of this market.


For food and drinks

Not only the place is buzzing with flowers and garden accents, it is also home to some great restaurants, cafes and popular coffee places that will keep you happily full. Ideal for taking a break from the hustle-bustle of the market, you can enjoy great seafood, bagels and other mouth-watering delicacies here. The experience of eating enhances with the views of the market outside. Plus, this is an awesome place for coffee lovers as some baristas here make amazing coffee that will give you the right kick and relaxed times.

The shopping

As the name suggest this market is a hub for shopping cut flowers, plants and other gardening accessories, accents and supplies. Some shops here sell a beautiful collection of antiques, vintage stuff and handmade things for your home or for fashion that will happily please the shopping enthusiast.

Market Timings and Directions

You will find the Columbia Road Flower Market in London’s E2 zone. It’s nearby the Liverpool Station served the Central, Circle, Hammersmith and Metropolitan Lines. Or you can get down at the Old Street Station served by the Northern Line. The market is open on all Sundays from 8:00am to 3:00pm. The only time market timings differ are on a bad weather day or it will be closed it Christmas / 25th December falls on a Sunday. To get to this market easily, you should book a stay at one of the London hotels near Paddington.