Best Upcoming Events at the British Library


For centuries, London has been a hub of education and a source of information for travellers, scholars and researchers from all over the world. The historic institutions around the city still serve as a well of knowledge today.

If you’re planning a city break, our London hotels near Paddington put you in easy reach of the British Library. With over 150 million items, it is the largest library in the world and offers literature from all different genres and practices. Here are some of the best things to see this season during your stay at the Park Grand Hotel London.

british Library, London

Listen: 140 years of recorded sound

19 Oct, 2017 – 11 Mar, 2018

For centuries the British Library has collected and archived sound recordings from around the world and now their new exhibit gives the chance to explore this vibrant timeline and listen to your way through years of rare and unpublished recordings. Let your ears guide you through history as you listen to recordings such as James Joyce’s reading of ‘Ulysses’ and Alfred Taylor’s ‘Wireless Log’ which was recorded in 1922. This is a perfect chance for technology enthusiasts and music lovers to check out the collection of rare vintage audio devices on show at the British Library.

Harry Potter: A History of Magic

20 Oct, 2017 – 28 Feb, 2018

Fans of the beloved Harry Potter series will not want to miss out on this exciting exhibit set up by the British Library. The exhibit brings together a wide selection of literature and artefacts that explore the history of magic, mystical legends and ancient folklore. Delve into the weird and wonderful world of magic and learn about the types of stories and myths that inspired J.K. Rowling to invent the famous wizarding world of Harry Potter. There will be plenty of books, manuscripts and magical items to browse so be sure to check out the exhibit on your trip to the Park Grand Hotel London.

Women, Witches and Witch Trials

5 Dec, 2017

This is another exhibit that looks into the history of witchcraft and magic but offers a more accurate look at the specific period of time in US history when witch trials were a popular practice. The event is headed up by Anita Anand who will lead a panel of historians in a discussion about the root cause of the infamous witch trials and how they impacted the culture of the time. The Salem Witch Trials will be a particular point of focus during the discussion so history buffs will not want to miss out.

The Thriving Author

30 Nov, 2017

If you’re a budding writer and you’re hoping to take your work to the next level or try and grab the attention of publishers, you won’t want to miss out on this rare opportunity to learn from one the most renowned British writers. The Thriving Author workshop will be conducted by a former resident of the British Library, Melissa Addey. She has worked as a writer for years and will be sharing her knowledge with visitors to the library this November. Learn what it means to be a great writer, learn the tricks of the trade and discover skills you never knew you had this season at the British Library.