Bond Street : How to Get There and Why You Need to Visit

Macro view of a London map

Bond Street is one of London’s glitziest shopping districts, world famous for an array of fabulous stores catering to every possible taste. Located within the upmarket district of Mayfair, the area is unmistakably high-end, and has long been considered a major tourist hot-spot, drawing visitors from all over the globe to sample all that Bond Street has to offer. Here’s our brief guide to exploring Bond Street during your visit to the city…

Macro view of a London map

A Haven for Luxury Shoppers

One of the truly great things about Bond Street is that it caters for more than one kind of shopper. Yes, the stores there tend towards luxury, but there is more than one variety of venue for you to browse – and being so closely situated to The Grand London Paddington Hotel and other Paddington Hotels, it’s no wonder it’s such a tourism hotspot. No matter what you’re looking for in Bond Street, you stand a good chance of finding it. Once largely known for its eclectic luxury fashion and jewellery outlets, Bond Street has since branched out into an array of new frontiers, including health and beauty, art and antiques, interiors and even technology stores.

Bond Street - A man and woman carrying shopping bags in luxury retail area of London

Clothing and accessories are likely to be what draws most visitors in, and they won’t be disappointed on arrival. Sleek boutiques line the streets here, with everything from trendy Brit-brand Burberry to quintessentially French brand Chanel on offer. Other designer favourites such as Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi and Armani are also in evidence. For jewellery, Cartier has a huge presence on Bond Street, alongside luxury watchmaker Jaeger LeCoultre, legendary jeweller Tiffany & Co and Rolex.

To take a break during your shopping spree, there’re also lots of high-end eateries available with a variety of restaurants and bars, as well as galleries and cultural hotspots in the surrounding area.

A Slice of London History

Bond Street is not only a luxurious district, but a historic one, located just a few minutes by train from The Grand London Paddington Hotel. First established in 1700, the area has been synonymous with high society ever since, championing British style and acting as a hub for some of the most influential people in the UK. It also has an artistic past, having been home to renowned literary figures and poets. Right up to the present day, the great and good flock to Bond Street to see and be seen, whether jet-setting socialites, celebrities or simply those keen to indulge their love of luxe goods.

Getting to Bond Street

Bond Street is easily reached from anywhere in the city thanks to London’s fantastic transport links. The area has its own Tube station on the Jubilee line, and it only takes around seven minutes to get there from London Paddington. Alternatively, you can take a leisurely stroll to Bond Street from Paddington in around 30-40 minutes, making it ideal for a day’s browsing.