Why Brick Lane Has the Best Sunday Markets in London

Market in london

Brick Lane is noted for its vibrant market culture. This fun part of the city offers an abundance of different markets for you to choose from, so no matter what you’re looking for, you’ll probably find it here!

Situated in the heart of the East End, the area offers everything from antiques to collectables, bric-a-brac and much more besides. Their Sunday markets are particularly popular, thanks to their sheet variety.

Brick Lane London Market

What is Brick Lane Market?

Brick Lane Market is regularly comprised of more than 200 different stalls, each selling unique and fascinating items which you may not find anywhere else. Jewellery, food, antiques – you’ll find it all here and much more besides.  It has become particularly popular with bargain hunters eager to pick up something unexpected, and craftspeople looking for the ideal space to sell their goods.

Exploring Brick Lane Market

London offers many and varied markets, but none can quite match those which are offered at Brick Lane. Whether you’re a foodie, a fashion fan or want to shop at a fantastic local flea market, you’ll find plenty to keep you entertained within easy reach.

Far from being simply one market, Brick Lane’s markets are actually known as The Truman Markets. This area is comprised of five separate markets all condensed into one. London locals and visitors alike descend on these markets every Sunday for some weekend browsing and shopping, sure they’ll be able to find whatever they want while staying at accommodations in London Paddington.

The Sunday UpMarket

The Sunday Upmarket is one of the newer additions to Brick Lane. It is designed largely for self-designed items and independent traders, so welcomes artisan craftspeople and artists who are at the very start of their creative careers.

The market is open each Sunday between 10am – 5pm, and we recommend arriving early so you can have a chat about some of the items on offer while staying at the Park Grand London Paddington Hotel.

The Vintage Market

Attracting vintage specialists from around Europe, the Vintage Market is another of Brick Lane’s most incredible markets! The fashion on offer covers every decade right up to the 1990s, so fans of vintage style will be delighted to spend a couple of hours browsing here.

The market is open between 11am – 7pm.

Backyard Market

This market was first opened in 2006, and has more than 100 stalls each providing a wide range of crafts and creative treasures. Expect to find designers at the start of their creative journey and homespun gift ideas or souvenirs.

The market is open between 10am – 5pm each Sunday.

The Tea Rooms

An indoor market which also provides a delightful space to stop for coffee, this particular market is focused largely on antiques. It’s the perfect place to go rummaging for your next favourite trinket!

The market is open between 10am – 5pm each Sunday.

The Boiler House Markets

This market is most prominently dedicated to food and retail, with a focus on ethical trading and sustainability. For the eco-conscious shopper, it’s one of the best places to find something special.

Open between 11am – 6pm each Sunday.

What to do at Brick Lane Market 

There’s really no limit to what you can find at Brick Lane Market London, thanks to the sheer abundance of choice on offer here. Even if you’re not a big fan of shopping, there are still plenty of other ways to keep yourself entertained during a stay in the city.

You can benefit from:

• Affordable shopping

Not every great shopping experience in London has to come with a hefty price tag, and Brick Lane proves this. The market has won acclaim for not only its choice but its affordability. Many of the markets here are designed with the budget shopper in mind, so whatever you need you’ll find it without fuss or hassle.

• Unusual items

Unlike some markets which specialise in only one thing, Brick Lane has it all! This is part of what makes it both so unique and so appealing to a wide variety of different customers, who find themselves drawn to a Sunday browse, no matter the weather.

• All-year shopping

The market runs throughout the year, so there is no need to worry about missing out if you aren’t shopping during the hectic summer months. While the market remains busy outside of the summer season, this does provide a chance to get away from some of the larger crowds and blend in like a local while staying at Lancaster Hotels.

• Social experience

Shopping at a market is quite different to shopping at a department store or boutique. This type of shopping offers the personal touch, which is so valued by many of the people who choose to shop here on Sunday. You can get to know more about the item you are buying in a way not dissimilar to the luxury options offered at some of the city’s top stores – yet without the hefty price tag.

• A foodie paradise

It isn’t just shopping which leads people to visit Brick Lane market. The area is also known as a major hotspot for foodies, thanks to its ample street food venues which are found all around. No matter what style of cuisine you like, you’ll probably be able to find someone cooking up a storm!


What is the best market to visit in London?

While London has many markets, we would suggest that Brick Lane Market remains the very best.

How do I get to Brick Lane Market?

You don’t have to travel far from your accommodation to reach Brick Lane Market. Situated in the East End, the closest tube/train stations are Aldgate East or Liverpool Street.

What days is Brick Lane Market open?

The market is open throughout the week, with extended or restricted opening hours on Sunday.

What is Brick Lane famous for?

The area is mostly famous for its abundance of great markets, fun culture and fashion.

What is the closest tube station to Brick Lane?

We recommend heading to Aldgate East (on the Hammersmith and City Line).