Budget hotel near London


Nothing comes cheap in London, hotels more so and many a times people are discouraged to visit London because they believe that they need to have loads and loads of money to spend a decent time in London. Many people believe that there are only luxury hotels or 5 star hotels in London and there is no scope of getting a cheap hotel in London or cheap hotel near London.

With the amount of people who visit London, it is difficult to believe that London will not have its own share of cheap or inexpensive hotels because you can expect each and every person who visits London to stay in a luxury hotel, which is highly improbable. There are enough cheap hotels in London and it is not like you have to search really hard to find them, they are all there and it is very convenient to find them too, more so with the internet facility now-a-days which has made everything come right in your living room.

You can find cheap hotels near the London Eye, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park and many other famous London locations where you can have the convenience of cheap hotel room and also that of location. The amenities in these hotels are very basic but they are more than enough for a good and enjoyable stay there. You will get amenities like an extra cot in every room (on request, if you have a child for whom you need an extra bed), a television, attached bathroom and also morning calls system. Rooms service depends on the discretion of the hotel and there might or might not be one. There is a luggage deposit system where you can keep your luggage if there are valuable which you do not want to leave in the room when you go out to explore the city. Likewise there is a safe deposit system where you can deposit your cash and other valuables which you do not want to carry around or leave in the room.

Cheap hotels are a good way to stay in London, you can have a nice time and your pocket doesn’t have to suffer too!