Buy Tickets for London 2012 Paralympic Games Now


London 2012 Paralympics Games is the premier global event organized for athletes with physical disabilities. It will be the fourteenth Paralympics that is going to take place between 29 August and 9 September 2012. The Grand event will be organized in the city of London, the United Kingdom.

The most important disadvantage, which Paralympics face every year is the lack of proper coverage and adequate funding. As a result, the authorities need to focus on organizing various inspiring feats, which can make up for the shortage of funds. According to the reports, this year Paralympics will be more compact and inspiring than the previous ones. Most of the events will be hosted in the Olympic Park in the east of the city.

There will be six main categories in the 2012 Paralympics: wheelchair, amputee, intellectual disability, cerebral palsy, visually impaired and finally les autres (this is actually for those who are not actually fitted in the above mentioned groups). There will be 20 sports most likely, which are uniquely designed to cater to the capability of the physically disabled athletes. Among the most leading games include boccia, five-a-side-football, and goal ball. As the organizers of Paralympics Games are anticipating, ticket sales will rise up to 1.5 million. So far Great Britain is known worldwide as one of the most successful Paralympics teams. Supporters believe that this year also the team will aim to bag about 42 gold medals and will top the list.

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