Choosing a Hotel in London


There are many hotels and places to stay in London.  Generally speaking, the closer to the city centre you get, the more expensive the accommodation is likely to be.  As the distance to the centre of London decreases, so the price will lower although you may still find a slight rise in costs if your hotel is placed close to main transport links as these are prime locations for travellers.

There are many factors to take into consideration when looking for overnight accommodation in London.  This is reflected in the dizzying number of places to stay, catering for all sorts of different requirements.  The first consideration will be the reason you are in London in the first place, whether it is for business or leisure.  The length of the stay and whether food will be required will also play a big part in the decision.  One of the most important considerations for visitors however is the overall cost and the location.  Below are a few options that you may wish to be considered when looking for accommodation in the city.

If you have an unlimited budget, then you will find many hotels ideally situated in London.  There are a number of famous hotels on Park Lane such as the Four Seasons, which prove very popular when money is no object.

However, if you are on a limited budget and are looking for a hotel which is both conveniently located and cost-effective than you should consider the wealth of hotels near to Paddington Station.

The Park Grand London Paddington advance purchase option will give a contemporary base from which to spread out across the city, exploring both the traditional tourist sites and the more off beat cultural and artistic areas of the city that make London so popular and special.  Booking in advance will also help to keep the cost of the accommodation down and if food is a passion then you will find many fine places to eat close to Paddington, and also great options within the hotel to cater for all your culinary needs.

An oyster card will allow easy use of the tube network to quickly reach any area within the city.  Paddington station is a main connecting station for both the tube network and the main lines out of London making it a truly convenient location within the city.