A comic book lover’s guide to London

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Are you a fan of comic books? London has got you covered. From seeing the filming locations of your favourite movies to finding a store that’s packed with both new and vintage comics, you are certain to find something to indulge your passion during your trip.

Did you know that several of the blockbuster Marvel films have been filmed in London? If you’re an avid movie-goer, it’s possible to create your own walking tour that takes you to some of the locations where the Avengers themselves have stood. The incredible battle in Thor: The Dark World was set at the University of Greenwich, while the planet of Xandar in Guardians of the Galaxy was actually filmed from Lloyd’s Building on Lime Street.

ComedyBook Shops

If you want to take a tour led by an expert that embraces comics, that’s possible too. The POW! A Cartoon & Comic Book Tour of London takes two hours and covers the likes of Batman, The League of Extraordinary Gentleman, and Deadpool. The tour departs from Westminster Tube station, accessible from the Grand London Paddington Hotel on the Circle Line.

London also hosts a Comic Con event twice a year, usually on the last weekends of May and October, and spans three days. It’s the ultimate convention for comic fans in the UK and attracts over 133,000 visitors. Held at ExCeL London it takes less than hour to get from the Park Grand restaurant to the venue, taking you through the heart of London.

The best comic book stores in London

If you want to expand your comic book collection while you’re visiting London, these five comic book stores are where you should be heading.

1. Forbidden Planet – Forbidden Planet is a megastore and heaven for comic book fans. It’s situated on Shaftsbury Avenue and covers a huge selection of sci-fi, fantasy, and cult entertainment merchandise, it’s the one stop shop for comic books, featuring plenty of back issues to fill gaps in your collection.

2. Gosh! Comics – If you take comic books seriously, Gosh! is a place where you’ll feel right at home. The store, located on Berwick Street, just a 20-minute journey from the Grand London Paddington Hotel, has a mix of graphic novels, traditional superhero comics, and some indie additions.

3. A Place in Space – If you’re in the Croydon area, A Place in Space is well worth a visit. It sells new and old American comics and graphic novels, as well as comic book supplies and merchandise.

Comedy bookshops in london

4. Mega City Comics – Mega City Comics is a small comic book store but it’s filled with actual comics rather than merchandise, including some you’d consider vintage. The friendly staff offers expert advice and it’s conveniently located in Camden Town.

5. Orbital Comics – Orbital Comics, on Great Newport Street, features a traditional comic shop and a gallery. There’s a huge amount of diversity here, from collectable editions to weekly shipments of the latest story arcs, and there’s a calendar of events, such as writing workshops, to inspire.