A complete guide to this month’s FA Cup Final


London is a city which truly loves its football, and this month there’s lots for fans of the beautiful game to look forward to – most notably the upcoming FA Cup Final. Whether you’re a dedicated football fanatic or simply want to get to grips with one of the country’s most popular sports during your stay in England’s capital, here’s all you need to know…

Brief Guide to the FA Cup

The FA Cup is the foremost football competition of its kind, where the best football teams in England battle it out to win the annual knockout football title. Its roots go back far into the history of British sport, having first been played during the late 1800s (1871-1872) as football became increasingly popular. As such, it has the distinction of being the oldest national football championship worldwide, and helps solidify London’s place as the home of the game.

The competition takes its name from its organiser, the FA (Football Association), and it is now largely referred to as the Emirates FA Cup following a successful sponsorship deal which has been in place since 2015.

Whilst the FA Cup mostly refers to men’s football, there is a women’s version which is gaining increased popularity. While staying at the Grand Park London Paddington, guests are ideally placed to catch the game, whether that’s by attending in person or watching at one of the many venues which will be screening the match live.

Who can play in the FA Cup?

Any football club to Level 10 within the English football league can play from the top-flight Premier League clubs down to the smaller and lesser known sides including the non-leagues. While the competition includes many different rounds, during your stay at Paddington hotels this month, you’ll have a chance to see the final for yourself when it takes place in London.

When and where is the FA Cup Final?

The FA Cup Final will take place on Saturday 18th May 2019, with a kick-off time of 17:00. This means there’s plenty of time for a day of exploring around the Grand Park London Paddington before settling in for an evening of football! The match will take place at the iconic Wembley Stadium.

Who’s playing?

For this year’s final, Manchester City and Watford will play against each other to receive the top title. Manchester City are currently on a winning streak, and are now taking part in their first FA Cup Final since 2013, while Watford secured their place with a spectacular win against Wolves – so the prize is certainly up for grabs!

How do I get tickets?

Ticket prices vary according to seating and positioning, and each football club has a total of 28,000 tickets to sell. The stadium itself will be divided into fans of either team. As tickets are highly desirable, they are already selling out fast – ensuring an action-packed match for fans of both teams.