Covent Garden Market Highlights


Thousands of visitors flock to London’s Covent Garden area each month as there’s so much to see and experience.

Once a garden belonging to Westminster Abbey dedicated to the production of food, the area was later redeveloped to replicate the formally-designed piazzas of Italy. Since then, Covent Garden steadily gained in popularity as a trendy spot for the rich and notable individuals of the 16th Century.

You can still see much of the original, very opulent architecture today, but the area has since added the boutique shops and independent stalls that make Covent Garden a mecca for shoppers looking for a unique gift or souvenir to take home as a memento of their visit to our capital city.

Covent Garden Market

Fast forward to the present day and Covent Garden is still home to a wonderful market housing an array of delectable treats, art and other handmade crafts, so here’s a few highlights to look out for during your stay at the Park Grand Hotel Paddington.

Artisan foods


You won’t be able to escape the tempting aroma of fresh breads and artisan cheeses as soon as you enter Covent Garden Market. Producers from all over the UK flock to the market every week to showcase their wares and will happily spend a few moments discussing the process and ingredients used to create their products, so it’s a real haven for foodies!

Arts and crafts

You’ll find plenty of new artists showcasing their latest work at Covent Garden Market, so if you’ve got an eye for art, it’s well worth a visit to pick up a few pieces that you can keep as mementoes of your trip to London.

For visitors to the Park Grand Hotel Paddington that love all things homemade, there of dozens of crafts available ranging from handmade jewellery, soaps, homewares, unique pieces of clothing and great quality craft souvenirs on display.

Fresh fruit and flowers


Although these items might not be on your London shopping list, it’s still an enjoyable experience wandering around the stalls and taking in the vibrant colours and delicate scents of the beautiful bouquets on sale at Covent Garden Market.


If you’re lucky enough to be staying at the Park Grand Hotel Paddington and have no plans on Monday, then head down to Covent Garden and browse the eclectic mix of antiques stalls and collectables that arrive once a week.

Featuring everything from trinkets of yesteryear to furniture, old movie posters and other collectable items, there’s sure to be something of interest, and you might just pick up a bargain too!

Street entertainers

street performers london

Surrounding Covent Garden Market, you’ll find an array of talented street performers just waiting to entertain the crowds that flock to this popular part of London each day.

From magicians and musicians to live statues, Covent Garden is home to some amazing entertainers that line the busy streets and delight visitors on a daily basis, so there’s plenty to see after you’ve finished browsing around the market.