A Day At The Natural History Museum


If you want to make the most of your stay at the Park Grand London Lancaster Gate, then you should definitely consider taking a trip to the Natural History Museum. It is one of London’s biggest tourist attractions, drawing in legions of people every day. If you’re planning on visiting, then here are some of the amazing things to expect while you’re there.

Natural history museum


An exhibit that focuses on the history of the human race and the evolution of species. Learn about Darwin and his theories about natural selection. See the display of 130,000 different specimens in the Mineral Gallery. You can say hello to Lucy, an Australopithecus that is believed to be almost 5 million years old. This section of the Museum is located on the first floor and is a great learning experience.


This is the big attraction that everyone wants to see when they visit the Natural History Museum. Take a trip back in time as you browse the collection of fossils and artefacts from different historic eras. The collection includes some very rare pieces, such as an Iguanodon, and the skull of a Triceratops. There are a number of life-size recreations of dinosaurs that let you see what the creatures would have looked like when they were alive. The exhibit also teaches visitors about the evolution of dinosaurs into birds.


This is one of the Natural History Museum’s biggest exhibits, with hundreds of specimens on display. The main attraction is the life-sized replica of a blue whale, which has to be seen to be believed. There are many more animals on show, such as giraffes, mammoths and wild cats. Visitors are also invited to learn about the evolution of different species of mammal, and how they adapted to survive over millions of years. Located on the ground floor of the museum, this exhibit is a must-see.

Earth galleries

The earth galleries section is a beautiful mixture of historical artefacts and amazing architecture. As you take the escalator up into the mouth of a giant metal planet, you enter a world of wonder. The exhibit consists of a huge collection of natural minerals, gems and stones. The idea of this display is for visitors to explore the history of planet earth. Special features include an earthquake simulation and a giant rotating globe. Regular lectures and video shows allow you to find out more about the history of the planet.

After dark

It’s no secret that the Natural History Museum is one of the biggest tourist attractions in London, which means it can get very busy. If you want to escape the crowds and have the time to really appreciate all the amazing exhibits, then it might be a good idea to wait until after hours. The NHM now offers the chance for visitors to take part in evening tours. This magical experience allows you to take your time as you learn about the history of planet earth. The tour occasionally includes sleep-overs with live music and film screenings.

The Natural History Museum is a must-see attraction if you’re staying at one of our hotels in Paddington. Plan your trip and be sure not to miss out on any of the amazing exhibits.