Drink Up At Our Pick Of Paddington’s Best Bars


If there’s one thing Londoners know how to do, it’s how to party. Drinking is a national pastime in Britain, and it’s only fair that you sample the wares available to you across London before you decide on your absolute favourite.

The Victoria, 10A Strathern Place, London, W2 2NH

In a world filled with gimmicks, bars with trendy and slick interiors and mixologists, sometimes it can be a relief to find a proper old-fashioned pub that doesn’t muck around with all that malarkey. The Victoria is that pub; proper old-wood counters and stools, good beer, wine options, and old-school food options including pies and cheddar and chutney sandwiches.

It’s unpretentious, which is probably why so many love or have loved it. Dickens and Churchill both enjoyed a tipple here, as do the Dracula Society and many debating or speaking clubs.

Heist Bank, 5 North Wharf Rd, London, W2 1LA

This fun bar and restaurant is just the thing when you need to relax with friends. If you’re staying in one of the Park Grand Paddington Suites this is the place to visit; there’s a games room downstairs and they offer up good pizza and a great choice of cocktails and beer. Twelve brews are always on tap, and guest beers make regular appearances. Whether you’re into gin, real ale, or just fancy an evening of relaxation before heading back to the Park Grand Paddington Suites, Heist Bank might be the bar for you.

The Green Man, 308 Edgware Road, London, W2 1DY

A pub that’s serious about both beer and burgers has the potential to become a very big player in the Paddington pub stakes. If you want gourmet gin served with select botanicals, as well as chunky, homemade burgers on floral painted plates, The Green Man is the place to go.

Many beers and gins on the menu were developed in London and if you’re serious about getting stuck into the London way of living, you’ll try them all before you head back to the Park Grand Paddington Suites.

The Green Man’s burgers are served by Burger Craft, a burger pop-up inside the pub, so while one side of the business focuses on the food, the other’s free to focus on the booze—and make both absolutely delicious.

The Mad Bishop and Bear, 1st Floor, Paddington Station, London, W2 1HB

If you’ve come into London on the train and are looking for a quick drink before you head to the Park Grand Paddington Suites that will be your home for the duration of your trip, stop in for a pint at the Mad Bishop and Bear. Aside from a fantastic name, it’s beloved by Londoners for having a clear list of which beers are on tap and how long it’s been since each keg has been opened, meaning that everyone who drinks here is sure of receiving a fresh pint. The wonderfully spacious interior doesn’t feel like you’re in a railway station, which might just make it your favourite watering hole while you’re in the city.