Driving into London


Driving into London can seem both daunting and intimidating, particularly if you aren’t familiar with city center driving.  There are streets seemingly full of obstinate taxi drivers, darting cyclists and pedestrians with apparent abandon for personal safety and any road crossing etiquette.  It may be that there is no choice but to drive into the city for a reason, or you may simply want to rather that take the train, but if you are driving into London for the first time then these tips will help you to stay safe and make the best of the trip.

The first steps begin at home.  It is vital to plan the journey you are about to take.  Search for the destination on a maps package and familiarise yourself with the surrounding areas.  Read the rules about parking in advance so there are no nasty surprises upon arrival.

Plan a route into the city from the motorway so that you have an idea of the best way to go before you set off.  Even if you plan to use a smartphone or satnav to navigate, it is essential to plan the route and even buy a road map of the city as you may be in a situation where you cannot rely on the technology.

When you arrive in London the most important thing to remember is that you must obey the rules of the roads at all times.  Just because another car darts though the red light does not mean that it is okay or acceptable.  In a court of law, ‘well everyone else was doing it’ will sound like a rather silly defence for illegal actions.  Remember not to panic; driving in London is essentially the same as driving anywhere else in the country and the rules are the same with many of the other drivers being just as nervous as you might be.

Make sure that there is somewhere to park at your destination. If you are heading to a hotel, search before hand, for example searching for Park Grand London Paddington parking will allow you to determine where to park for that particular hotel. This is important because the last thing you will want after a long drive, is an equally long walk if you have only been able to park miles away.