Enjoy a breathtaking experience at The Magical Ice Kingdom


London is very well known for many activities including the ice skating. Here you can enjoy the ice-skating and have a good time.

If you love to enjoy many activities, specially the ice skating then you all are welcome to the city of wonders.Now you can come to the Magical Ice Kingdom, and enjoy a great time at the beautiful world of real ice and snow. This is largest ice place n UK. This is formed by the winter wonderland and your entire family will be excited to enjoy the real fun. This is a magic place that can be enjoyable to everyone. Here you can walk through the frozen forests, have a look at the ice fairies and you can also have a meet with the Snow Queen in her glorious ice castle.   Here you can visit the Merlin and have a good time with the Knights of the Round Table and then sit in the the ice thrones. You can also go to the ice bar and have some refreshment.

Buying tickets for the place is easy. F you take the tickets in advance then you can get a fast-track entry to the winter wonderland. Lycamobile Ice Rink offers tickets for elders and children in the most discounted rates. If you do not have time then you can also buy the tickets online.these E-tickets will save your time. You can take the print out of the tickets at the time of booking. You need to check out the details in the right as you will not get your money back a after the completion of the order. However if you book in advance then you will have to pay a booking fee. If your kids are below 12 then they must be accompanied by an elder person. Kids of age two and below will not need a separate ticket if they do not occupy a seat and they will sit along with their parents. A group concession will be provided for the school groups. The group has to be of more than 20 people at least. If you want a group dissolute then you can make normal online booking and you can get the discount.

The winter wonderland starts at %.p.m. on 21 st November 2014. After that the opening times will be 10am until 10pm till 4th January 2015 except for Christmas day. The ice rank functions in all the weather conditions. Winter wonderland is having a changing climate and if there are any bad weather conditions, you will not get refunds. If the weather is not favorable and the management feels it necessary to close the ice rink then an alternative session will be given for skating as per the availability. You need to bring suitable clothing for the ice skating activity. The Magical Ice Kingdom is always maintained at 8 degrees so you need to be prepared to adjust to it. You need to wear such clothes that can save you from the cold. You can wear jackets or you can also wear some clothes that can adjust to the cool temperature.

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