How To Enjoy A Day Out In Hyde Park With The Family


Hyde Park may be the most famous of all the royal parks, with a total of 350 acres of grass, trees and paths full of sculptures, art, and things to do. It’s not just all admiring the over 4000 trees that are here or running around the Serpentine lake that will captivate you though; there are plenty of things you can do with the family that will make for happy kids and happy parents.

Have a picnic :-

Hyde Park is picnic perfect. Will you sit and eat your sandwiches and cakes in the meadow or the ornamental flower garden? Because of its size, Hyde Park will always offer a quiet and secluded spot where you can lay out the checked blanket, open your wicker basket and indulge in all the goodies inside. Just head out from your room at the Park Grand London Hyde Park and walk down!

Go boating on the Serpentine

The Serpentine Lake was created when Queen Caroline decided a park should have an artificial lake, and how right she was; parks all over the world now follow her design. There are places to rent small boats, which will be a thrilling ride for your children and maybe even give you a little bit of a workout before you head back to the Park Grand London Hyde Park!

Visit the famous sculptures :-

The sculptures in Hyde Park are a particular draw. The statue of Achilles, for example, is made with the metal of melted cannons captured in the war; the Joy of Life fountain and the Pan statue will be sure to make your children laugh, and there’s even a family drinking fountain which doubles as a sculpture.

See Speakers’ Corner :-

Speakers’ Corner holds a place in British history as a place where anyone can come and speak to the crowd about anything they like—but they must be prepared for the crowd to answer back and heckle them. It’s one of the most curious places in Hyde Park, where anyone can turn up with a box and stand on it to speak.

speaker corner

Paddle in the Diana Memorial Fountain :-

Diana, Princess of Wales, was famous for her love of children. The fountain was designed to encourage paddling and playing by children so that her spirit might live on. Be sure to take something for the kids to wipe their feet on, or maybe join them in splashing in the water. Surrounded by lush grass, it’s in an oval shape so plenty of people can have fun in the water at the same time.

Find the playground :-

It’s not a proper park without a playground, and thankfully Hyde Park has two great ones, both near the Park Grand London Hyde Park. There are slides, swings, and things to climb—as well as spaces for exhausted parents to sit down if they’ve discovered their children have more energy than they do. Both playgrounds let kids follow their imaginations and explore, as well as making it easy for parents to keep an eye on their children.