Enjoy Festivals in London


London is a lively city and you can indulge in its vibrant culture by planning a visit to it. Home to attractions, such as Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Trafalgar Square, the British Museum and the Tower of London, this city pulls around thirty million visitors annually. London has a vast variety of hotels, especially luxury London boutique hotels, and tourist accommodations that offer a fantastic range of rooms and suites. In fact, accommodation is never a problem in London for visitors who make an advance booking. This is more important during festive season and special events in London.

London is a historic city and celebrates a host of wonderful festivals, fairs and events. Many exotic festivals are also celebrated in London and add colours to its attractive culture. However, the biggest celebrations take place in London at the time of Christmas and the New Years Eve. Londoners also celebrate numerous small events round the year. In fact, every month of the year, there is some exciting event going on in the British Capital. So, visitors who could not visit the city during the Christmas season need not get disappointed as they have numerous thrilling events awaiting them to indulge in.

The English capital may not have had the reputation of offering world-class cuisine, but over the years it has earned a distinct status by charming the whole world with its culinary delights. Thanks to the multicultural status of London, the city is now home to hundreds of exotic restaurants including Indian, Thai, Arab, Chinese and Italian. Most of these restaurants are located near popular London boutique hotels. Modern London celebrates a number of festivals and events dedicated to food that attract a huge crowd of foodies from the rest of the world. The London Restaurant Festival takes place in the late fall and features participation by more than 500 restaurants of the city. London Chocolate Festival is celebrated during the Christmas season and attracts hundreds of chocolate buffs who can learn the art of chocolate making from popular British chefs.

The Lord Mayor’s Show is another popular festival that is celebrated with thrilling festivities on the famous streets of London. Started in 1535, this is an important historic event in which the whole city cheers the current Lord Mayor of the city. The Lord Mayor is carried in a historic carriage to the Royal Court of justice where he pledges loyalty to the crown. A public parade is organized in the city and many visitors also enthusiastically participate in it while others enjoy taking pictures of the activities going on during the parade.

Another exciting and colourful event in London is the Chelsea Flower Show that takes place on the grounds of the Chelsea Royal Hospital. It is a popular spring event that attracts many domestic and international visitors to London in May. The delightful and inspiring range of flowers in the show leaves all the visitors breathless.