Enjoy The Chilling Peter Pan Cup in Hyde Park 2014


So how do you plan to celebrate Christmas this year? While celebrating Christmas at home with their families is something everyone looks forward to but there should be some change to keep up the excitement of the holiday each year. How about celebrating this special day with the entire city? In cities like London, which are loaded with historical legacies, there are so many traditions that have been a part of people’s lives for centuries. Such traditions are always fun to be a part of and they help keep alive the traditional legacy of the city.

When it comes to centuries old traditions and interesting names, the Peter Pan Cup in Hyde Park always takes the cake. A swimming race that takes place in the Serpentine of the Hyde Park is a must attend event if you are at all interested in water games.

  • The race begins at 9 am and it usually is pretty cold around that time so participants need a bit of acclimatisation before the race day.
  • The race was given this name when J.M. Barrie presented Peter Pan cup to the winner of the race, in the same year when he released his famous play about the brave young boy Peter Pan.
  • Although the race the first took place in the year 1864, it got its popular name only in the year 1904.
  • Only members of the Serpentine Swimming Club can participate in the event.

It’s true that not everybody gets to swim for the prestigious cup but all can enjoy the race from the sidelines as there are no entry or viewing charges at all. In fact you will make a day of it by viewing the competitors giving it their best in icy cold water, as you munch on a delicious snack while sitting at the Serpentine Café. Hyde Park and Serpentine play host to so many events and games all around the year that they can be enough to keep you entertained for the entire duration of the your stay. Plan your visit to the city around popular events and try to take up a hotel at walking distance from the park.