Most Exciting Exhibitions Debuting between August – October


London is one of the most creative cities in the world, offering a wealth of fantastic artistic events to enjoy during your stay. There are lots of great exhibitions making their debut over the next few months, so in this blog we’ll take a closer look at some of the best ones to look out for when planning your trip…

Dora Maurer

Tate Modern from 5th August 2019

A year-long free exhibition, this event will introduce London to the work of Hungarian artist Dora Maurer. The exhibition showcases a series of pieces which have never been displayed in the UK, and focuses on striking bold geometric patterns created on large canvases. The Tate Modern provides the ideal backdrop for such an exhibition, always at the cutting edge of the greatest finds in the art world.

William Blake: The Artist

The Tate from 11th September 2019

William Blake may be more synonymous with poetry when viewed through a modern lens, but this creative figure was also heavily involved in the English arts scene. While staying at the Park Grand Paddington London, a trip to this fascinating exhibition provides a gateway into the imagination of one of the foremost figures of British literature and arts – and provides the largest William Blake exhibit to have been hosted anywhere in the world since 2001.

Anthony Gormley

Royal Academy from 21st September 2019

With a takeover of the main galleries at the Royal Academy of Arts, Anthony Gormley follows other contemporary British luminaries of the art scene to showcase works which are created on a grand scale. With industrialised elements and organic materials, visitors enjoying London hotels special offers can expect to see some of the finest works from the artists’ career, including lesser-known pieces from the 70s and 80s and lots of intriguing drawings and sketches spanning Gormley’s artistic development.

Tim Walker

V&A from 21st September 2019

An innovative photographer with a strong following, Tim Walker’s work encompasses everything from photos to film, and this upcoming V&A exhibition will display some of his finest images. Highlights of the exhibit include pieces from the world of fashion photography, such as shots of significant costumes and fashionable figures, as well as a variety of more abstract pieces which explore Walker’s own creative imagination. The V&A is world-renowned for its support of excellence in design and fashion, and this exhibit is a welcome addition from September 2019 onwards.

Mark Leckey

The Tate from 24th September 2019

Mark Leckey won the prestigious Turner Prize back in 2009, and has continued to push the artistic boundaries ever since. This exhibition at the Tate helps solidify his reputation, and provides a great way to explore the local art scene, ideal for enthusiasts staying at the Park Grand Paddington London.

The exhibit has compiled some of the newest and more exciting work by the artist, as well as a series of familiar pieces which create an experience which is at once theatrical and intriguing. With audio and visual elements, the Tate will be transformed into a motorway bridge, based on one which Leckey himself grew up alongside in Merseyside.

A familiar motif in his work, the exhibition focuses on a new artistic play based on the artist’s childhood, as well as addition pieces from the late-1990s. As an exploration of class, youth and development into adulthood, this is a contemplative exhibition sure to spark great conversations while visiting the city.

Rembrandt’s Light

Dulwich Picture Gallery from 4th October 2019

There are lots of celebrations of Rembrandt’s work happening around the world in 2019, as this parks the 350th anniversary of the artist’s death. As a real luminary of the international art scene, Rembrandt will be remembered at the Dulwich Picture Gallery with a series of works which showcase the talents of this Dutch artistic legend.

There are 35 pieces on display, which span primarily the years of 1639-1658, widely considered to be Rembrandt’s creative peak. The exhibition is arranged by theme, and takes visitors on a journey through the artistic career of an innovative and enduringly memorable creative mind.

Rembrandt’s Light is the first exhibit curated by the new gallery director, and represents a real labour of love for a dedicated creative team, including cinematic lighting to ensure each piece is viewed in the most suitable way.

Gauguin Portraits

The National Gallery from 7th October 2019

This exhibition is the first of its kind, focusing exclusively on portraiture created by Paul Gauguin. The artist created many such pieces during his lifetime, and Gaugin Portraits will showcase work which was formed during both the artist’s earlier years, and during his later life, which was spent predominantly in French Polynesia.

Now considered something of a revolutionary figure in portraiture, Gauguin knew how to express the personality of his subject, and even extended this talent to his self-portraits, some of which feature in the exhibition.

There are around fifty works compiled together which include everything from paper drawings through to paintings and mixed-media pieces, sourced from a wide variety of both public and private collections around the world. Whether an aspiring artist or simply keen to discover how a noted creative worked, this is a great addition to your exhibition-hopping trip to London.

Nam June Paik: The Future is Now

Tate Modern from 17th October 2019

Noted for visual work which incorporates the latest in new technology, the art of Nam June Paik has branched into video and television and gained a strong following thanks to its sheer expressiveness and innovation.

This large-scale exhibition brings together some of the most important parts of this body of work and is sure to introduce a new generation to an artist who is rightfully regarded as one of the modern greats. The exhibition has been designed in cooperation with the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and includes more than 200 works which span five decades of creativity.