Experience the performance of Ben Whishaw in Paddington


Everyone wants to be entertained and with this, the entertainment industry is getting bigger and successful. So many people are being employed with the increase in demand for new ideas of entertainment. Viewers are just looking for variety of programs which can make them feel happy and they can smile after a long tiring day.

Well, there are so many programs which are running these days and are popular too. Every country is introducing new ways of entertainment for the viewers. With so many series becoming so popular, some series are known worldwide. One such series if the Bear show which is now introduced in Ben Whishaw’s voice. This show gained popularity so fast that every age group including the adults became its fan.

As we all know that fantasy stories are loved mostly by the kids but, if the adults are also taking interest then, there is something unique about it, right? When there are cartoon characters in some series or show, we tend to think that children will probably like it and only they will enjoy it. But, with a new concept, this bear show has come up impressing the kids and adults too. The type of humor and latest news which are combined to come up with something funny is the essence of this show. People wait for the whole day for this show to come and plan their entire schedule around it.

The trailers and promos just started with very small reflections of this movie and even after this, people made up their mind that this is going to be a hit. Those who are in love with the famous Michael Bond will surely love this movie. The entire concept is based upon the book of Michael Bond’s beloved children in which the adventures and mysteries of the Peruvian bear are displayed. Being funny in concept, this movie also presents a good humor to its viewers. Paddington is a famous name in itself and people who know about it really respect it. The main character of this movie is the bear that by his different acts and humorous thoughts make people laugh and enjoy.

At the initial stage, when this concept was though by the director of this movie, Colin Firth was offered to voice this character of the iconic bear and become a star of the show. But, eventually, he dropped out because of some reason and then, the search began to host the bear. Ben Whishaw was then hired to raise the character of this bear and resume the work of this movie to be completed in time. However, Firth was a bit disappointed that he couldn’t play this character but, what else can be done.
Apart from this iconic character, there are many other characters which add entertainment to this movie and are very popular in their fans. These characters are voiced by Hugh Bonneville, Sally Hawkins and Nicole Kidman. However, the release of this movie is been scheduled on Jan. 16, 2015. People are waiting anxiously for the release. The production house of Paddington is already releasing more movies on this Christmas. There are many other movies which are giving a tough competition to this movie like Hot Tub Time Machine 2, Disney’s Into the Woods, comedy The Interview and war drama Unbroken.

These movies are associated with popular production houses with great responses so, let’s see that which movies steals the show this time. However, the main agenda of these movies is to gather maximum shows with highest revenue. Some movies compromise with the idea and concept but, those who don’t get good responses and reviews. People who plan to watch the movie first go through the reviews and if they are negative, they drop the plan. Reviews play an important role in the success and revenue building of any movie.
Since the competition is very high, every director and producer is trying to come up with something new to impress the audience. With Paddington in the queue, viewers are expecting too much from this movie and are likely to book their tickets in advance. This Christmas, the theatres are going to be filled up with audience as it is a weekend, people will make their bookings in advance.

Well, talking about Paddington, the iconic bear is very funny and humorous. It is an appropriate movie to watch with your family and enjoy. With Ben Whishaw, this movie will be a hit because he is such a renowned and experienced actor. People are expecting a lot from his performance and are looking forward to watch his movie. Even before the release of this movie, so many people have already posted their excitement online. There are so many people who are curious to know about the character of this bear and his dialogues. Just on the demand of the fans, the trailer of this movie was introduced online and on YouTube. People even became more excited after watching this trailer as it is really heroic and funny.

Those of you who are planning to see this movie must go with their family so that kids can also enjoy it. With new humor and heroic attitude, the bear will take away your heart. Once this movie is released, it will also be available on CDs and one can buy them to watch again and again. As kids like to watch their favorite movies again and again hence, the CD’s are a great source to collect their favorite collections of movies. This is a fantasy movie with cartoon characters therefore, it is appropriate for your kids to watch. You will also enjoy this movie since it is conceptualized in a way that both children and adults will like it. This movie will be released worldwide to show the creativity and idea of movies. If this movie will become a success then, the production house will plan to come up with another unique character which will again impress the audience and will be very successful.