Features of Paddington Green Police Station

Paddington police station

Located in Paddington in central London, Paddington Green Police Station is a conventional police station run by the Metropolitan Police Service. The police station is open for the public from 8am to 6pm Monday to Sunday. It is an important high-security station in the UK because those who are held on suspicion of terrorism are brought here for questioning. The building which was completed in 1971 is a typical 1960s office block but it has 16 cells located below ground level and there is a separate custody suite from the other cells in the building.

Those held on suspicion of terrorist activities across the UK are brought to this police station for interrogation and kept until they are escorted to a Court of Law. Some important suspects who have been held here include members of the IRA, the British nationals released from Guantanamo Bay and the 21 July 2005 London bombers. A bomb was exploded in a phone box outside the Paddington Green Police Station on 10 October 1992, injuring one person. People staying in a hotel near Paddington Green Police Station find that they are located in a quiet and strategic location which, apart from being close to various attractions of central London, is quite safe because of the presence of the police station nearby.

Since the building of the police station dates back to the 60s, it is old and decrepit. A joint parliamentary human rights committee stated in 2007 that the state of the building was such that it was inadequate for holding high-risk prisoners. This view was also echoed by Lord Carlile, the official reviewer of the government’s terrorism laws, who felt that a new custody suite suitable for up to 30 terrorism suspects needed to be provided to the Metropolitan Police.

It was felt that the old cells were just 12-foot square and had no windows. They were too hot in summer and too cold in winter. As a result of these findings, the police station was refurbished at a cost of £490,000 in 2009 and suspects now get better facilities such as access to an audio-visual system on which they can watch films and listen to music while they are in lock-up. It was felt that to deny them any stimulation while in custody for 28 days was inhuman.

However, there was sharp criticism from some quarters as one anti-terrorist officer remarked angrily that terrorists, who intend to blow up property and cause widespread loss of lives, will get a luxurious cell with a TV and a CD player whereas a person who has committed minor crimes such as beating up his wife or having had a fight in a pub will have to spend time in a cramped cell with just a mattress and toilet. The cells for terrorism suspects are lined with brown paper before suspects arrive so that any traces of explosives found on their bodies can be proven not to have been picked up from the cells.

Crimes or incidents of a non-emergency nature can be reported to any police station if you are not able to use the online crime reporting service. You can also visit the police station if you wish to discuss any matter in person. Usually, the busiest period in a police station is from lunchtime to early evening and as such, it would be more convenient to visit the station outside this period. If you wish to contact the police in an emergency situation, the best thing to do is to dial 999. However, for contacting the police for other non-emergency issues, you can use the following contact information.

Paddington Green Police Station is located at 2-4, Harrow Road, Paddington London W2 1XJ. The police station’s opening hours are Monday to Sunday 8am – 6pm. The nearest tube station is Edgware Road (District, Circle, Hammersmith & City Lines). The main phone number is 101. You can contact the station by Email but it should not be used to report crime. For non-emergency situations, you can dial 101 textphone 18001 101. For emergency dial 999 textphone 18000.

The access facilities available at the Paddington Green Police Station include full, non-assisted, wheelchair access into this building, facilities for people who are visually impaired, a sign language service, pushchair access facility, facility of an induction loop that has been installed in the building, facilities for people with mobility impairment, facility of an intercom at the entrance of the building, facilities for hard of hearing people, automatic doors at the location, 24-hour access at the building and welcome of assistance dogs at the building.

The contact details of other local services are: CID 020 7321 8565; Witness care unit Hours 0900-1700. Voicemail facility; 020 8721 4078 and 020 8721 4081; Crime Management Unit 0203 276 0485; Community Safety Unit 020 7321 9318; Criminal Justice Unit 020 7321 8256; Custody Belgravia 020 7321 6729; West End Central 020 7321 8862/8858/8776; Charing Cross 020 7321 7738; Marylebone 020 7321 9376; Paddington Green 0207 321 8530/8531/8532; and Harrow Road 0207 321 9578.

If you wish to stay in the core of central London close to various places of interest and feel safe, the best option is to stay in a hotel near Paddington Green Police Station.