Where to Find the Best Retro Stores and Antiques In and Around Paddington


It’s safe to say that London is one of the top destinations for shopping, but this doesn’t just centre on high street stores and designer brands. London also has a lot to offer in terms of retro and vintage items, as well as antiques. If you’re looking for retro stores and antiques, heading to Paddington and the surrounding areas is ideal. Not only will you have a wide choice of stores and dealers, but you’ll also be central enough to head elsewhere should you need to.

Vintage, Retro and Antique Shopping in Paddington

If you are someone who likes to seek out rare antiques or classic pieces of clothing, you’ll be able to do so in Paddington. As well as having a lot of stores itself, Paddington is close by to Camden and the Portobello Road; both of these are great areas for shopping. If you are staying in one of the Park Grand Paddington suites or any of the other hotels close to Bayswater tube station, you’ll find yourself in prime location for shopping in Paddington. Within minutes, you’ll be surrounded by retro stores and antique dealers. London is well known for its retro and antique shops, and Paddington has built up a reputation as somewhere that has a lot to offer.

Vintage store

  • Vintage Planet Camden’s Vintage Planet has made a name for itself as the place to go for 70s and 80s items. There’s a huge selection on offer, including a lot of vintage clothing and retro outfits. Even if you’re just looking to browse, Vintage Planet can keep you busy for hours. Though Vintage Planet mainly stocks clothing, it’s not uncommon to find other fantastic items.
  • Alfie’s Antique Market A lot of people stay in the hotels close to Bayswater tube station because of their close proximity to some of London’s top antique shops. One of which is Alfie’s Antique Market. Alfie’s Antique Market is a large indoor market and it houses over 75 different antique dealers. This is why it’s one of the most popular places to head for antiques in London. You’ll find silver, furniture, glass, paintings and ceramics all on offer. There’s even a wide selection of vintage clothing and jewellery. It’s a great ‘one stop shop’ for all kinds of antiques.
  • One of a Kind If you’re interested in getting your hands on some fantastic retro clothing, head to One of a Kind on the Portobello Road. A short distance from the Park Grand Paddington suites, One of a Kind is all about fashion history and statement pieces. It’s one of the more popular retro stores around Paddington and there’s tonnes of clothing rails to browse through.

Paddington is a great place to head if you’re interested in vintage, retro and antique items of any description. With so many great stores in and around Paddington, it’s a central place to base yourself. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for clothing or something a little more unique, you’re sure to have fun seeing what’s up for grabs.