Where to find local transport links close to the Park Grand London

London local transport

Wherever you stay in London, you’re never far from great local transport links. The London transport system is noted for its effectiveness and variety, so no matter where you need to go, you’ll soon be on your way in style! Here’s our complete guide to finding public transport close to your hotel the next time you stay with us in London.

Travelling by Tube

London Tube station

The London Underground is one of the busiest transport systems in the world, and serves an eclectic mixture of millions of visitors and locals throughout the year. Paddington Underground Station provides fantastic connections to the major Tube lines, helping you get around the city with ease.

If you’re staying with us at our hotels near Paddington Station it’s even simpler as you’re steps away from the transport hub. There are four Tube lines in service at this station: Bakerloo, Circle/Hammersmith & City, Circle and District and TfL Rail services. If you’ve never travelled on the London Underground before, don’t panic. There are plenty of staff around happy to help your trip run more smoothly and help points available if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

Travelling by Bus

London bus

Buses are another great option for busy visitors to the Park Grand Hotel Paddington, and particularly popular for those who feel daunted by the Tube.

While the London bus network will get you to most of the same locations as its train network, visitors should be aware that the bus often takes a while longer to reach its destination, so be sure to plan this added time into your itinerary, and take the opportunity to enjoy the journey and check out the view while on the move. You’ll find buses regularly leave from Paddington Station and connect with other local services.

Travelling by Bicycle

London Bicycle

Just because it’s public transport, that doesn’t mean you have to be entirely passive during your trip. The Santander Cycles service lets you grab a bicycle and see the city on your own terms. There are multiple Santander Cycles points in Paddington, including South Wharf Road and Eastbourne Mews. If you’d rather be a little more active with your travel, then this is a great option while staying at the Park Grand Hotel Paddington.

Travelling by Taxi

Taxi cab in london

If all else fails, a trusty London taxi cab will get you where you’re going in no time at all. Paddington has lots of local taxi companies for you to choose from if you want to book a car direct to your hotel, or alternatively you can also head for a local taxi rank. To help get the best deal, ask for a quote on your journey before departing. This option is best suited to those short on time and eager to make the most of their trip, but is not for the budget-conscious. As the home of Paddington’s transport network, the main taxi rank congregates around Paddington Station, where you can easily find one of London’s traditional black cabs.