How to Get to the London Eye and How to Ride It

London eye

Since opening at the turn of the new millennium in 2000, the London Eye has swiftly become a London institution, and one of the city’s most recognisable sights. Attracting millions of visitors each year, this giant Ferris wheel offers a leisurely bird’s-eye view of the city, giving guests a chance to gaze at the world famous London skyline from a unique vantage point. In this brief guide, we’ll tell you all about how to reach the London Eye from your hotel, and how to ride it in style…

London Eye

Getting to the London Eye

Starting from Paddington, reaching the London Eye is only a short trip away by public transport or by foot. Located on the South Bank besides the Thames, the London Eye not only looms large over the city’s skyline but is also very close to other key London landmarks, such as the Houses of Parliament. There are many ways to get there, including:

  • By Tube

Taking the Tube is a quick and simple way of getting your London Eye visit started! Waterloo is the nearest station, just five minutes away from the London Eye. Embankment and Charring Cross are also only around fifteen minutes away, whilst Westminster station will situate you close to the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, if you feel like browsing those locations before taking a turn on the London Eye.

  • Boat

Not the most conventional way to arrive, but certainly fun! London operates many riverboat services which stop at the London Eye. Check with operators to ensure you select the right journey.

  • Bus

The London Eye can also be visited on the bus, excluding the 211, 77 and 381 lines. You will find that the venue is included on many of the city’s sightseeing tours. Be sure to check with individual operators before planning your visit to ensure you are able to visit this unique attraction whilst enjoying one of our London Paddington Hotel Deals.

  • Car/Taxi

There are car parks close to Westminster, and booking to visit the London Eye can secure you an official discount – see the official London Eye website for more details. Taxis take around 20-25 minutes from Paddington.

The London Eye Experience

Booking to travel on the London Eye can be done online, with discounts and special events routinely advertised. Tickets can also be booked in person, but be aware that your ‘on the day’ price will be markedly higher. Some London Eye tickets enable you to mix and match with additional tourist attractions, creating your own fantastic day out whilst making the most of our London Paddington Hotel Deals.

Riding the London Eye

A single car of the London Eye against a partly cloudy sky

There are lots of different ways to travel with the London Eye, including renting your own private capsule, to booking a friends-and-family-only booth to ensure privacy and comfort. There are even options for proposals, birthday parties and a unique VIP experience with champagne and exclusive dining experiences also available.