Get the Best Deals on Theatre Tickets


London is home to numerous fabulous shows, but the cost of tickets can add up very quickly, so here is our guide to how you can get to see some amazing performances without spending too much.


1 Book online

Using the internet to find out the best prices is a good place to start. Using online booking options means you can book tickets for shows in advance as well as searching for affordable seats. In some cases, being organised can save up to 60 per cent on ticket costs.

2. Head to Leicester Square

Lots of theatre fans in London make use of the special booth in Leicester Square to grab discounted tickets for current shows. TKTS offers cheap entry to shows each day, although it is sometimes possible to pick up tickets to shows one week in advance.

3. Invest in a London Pass

The London Pass Sightseeing Card is one way of getting good rates on tickets. This special pass is offered by visit London and holders can get up to 40 per cent off on West End shows, as well as discounted entry to lots of the capital’s key attractions, such as the Tower of London.

4. Try for last-minute deals

It is possible to go directly to the London theatre’s box office for the chance to buy standby tickets – these are often tickets which have been unsold or returned for the next performance. You may be lucky and get a good deal for your preferred show, but be prepared to opt for something different that you originally planned as competition for such tickets is tough.

5. Entry the ticket lottery

Some popular shows in the capital often run ticket lotteries, with winners able to get in to shows for a discounted price. The lotteries open just a few hours before performances, but there are also chances to win offers on social media. So, if you have a certain show in mind it is worth checking out their Facebook page or Twitter account.