Get the most out of London on a budget


London is seen as being a fairly expensive city, but there are plenty of ways to enjoy the UK capital even if you are on a limited budget.

Here is our guide to make those pounds stretch a little bit further while still discovering all the great things the city has to offer.

Think twice about eating out

London has some of the finest restaurants in the world and it can be tempting to eat out a lot. However, this can get costly quickly and reduce your budget significantly.

Therefore, it may be worth looking at some DIY food options during your stay to make your money go that little bit further. Buying your own ingredients and preparing a meal is usually much cheaper than eating out.

If you don’t have access to a kitchen at your hotel, then you can save money by eating light snacks such as sandwiches. There are plenty of central supermarkets where you could pick up some snacks and enjoy a picnic.

Discover free London

One of the great joys of London is that there are plenty of things that don’t cost any money. Just wondering around the capital you can spend hours looking at the stunning buildings, including St Pauls and the London.

There are also lots of major attractions that do not charge anything for entry into their main exhibitions. Head to the Science Museum, Tate Modern, Victoria & Albert Museum or the Natural History Museum – these are just some of the large venues that cost nothing to get into.

Seeking out discounts is also a good option, as lots of the key attractions tend to run special deals for students and repeat visitors.

One affordable way to get around is to get an Oyster Card and spend the day travelling the London Underground spotting at places that sound interesting.

Remember London also has some lovely parks, where there is plenty to see and do without spending a penny. Alternatively, you can take a stroll along the Thames Path that is alongside the famous river way.

Get the best hotel deal

There are numerous London Paddington hotel deals in the capital and their prices vary widely. If you want to stay in the heart of all the action, then you are going to have to pay out more for your accommodation. However, there are a few ways to reduce the cost of staying in London.

Think about what time of year you plan to visit. If you opt for an out of season break, then prices will be lower as there is less demand for rooms.

If you are set to have a city break in London then do not opt for the weekend as staying mid-week usually reduces accommodation costs.

Anyone set to enjoy a long stay in London should consider negotiating a discount if your stay at the hotel is going to be for a while.

Every hotel wants to fill their rooms for as much of the time as possible, and if you’re offering to stay for a couple of weeks or more, this is custom the hotel won’t want to lose. This is always worth thinking about when booking somewhere to stay.

Look at all your travel options

The cost of getting to London could swallow a large part of a budget, so it is important to make sure you shop around for the best travel deals. Booking as far as possible in advance or leaving it to the last minute is usually the best way to secure the biggest discount on tickets – be it rail or plane.