Hottest new dining trends in London this year


London is a foodie mecca. From street food delights to Michelin starred restaurants, there’s something for every style and budget. If you want to experience some of the dining trends that are shaping eating out this year, London has a host of place to try too.

The good news is that from Park Grand London Paddington, you’re perfectly located to explore some of the best places to grab a snack or sit down in a beautiful restaurant. When you’re dining in London during your stay, here are some of the trends to keep in mind.

vegan food

Rise of vegan options

More people are choosing to cut down on the amount of meat they’re eating, whether it’s by joining the meat free Mondays campaign are fully embracing a vegan lifestyle. As a result, it should come as no surprise, that there will be even more choice of vegetarian and vegan options, from added menu items to whole restaurants eliminating meat. From a hotel near Lancaster Gate, you can choose from the likes of Squirrel, The Gate, and The Veggie Table.

Health conscious dishes

The health-conscious dining experience has been slowly gathering pace and it’s not going to slow down in 2018. This year expect to find tempting places to eat in London with an added healthy twist. From eateries that bring your fast food favourites with fewer calories to those that create delicious, fresh plates filled with goodness, it’s never been easier to eat healthy in the capital. Among those that have already been recognised are Apres Food Co in Farringdon, Casita Andina in Soho, and Farmstand in Covent Garden.

healthy food

Latin American flavours

Mexican restaurants have been popping up around London in recent years and there’s definitely been a demand for the flavours. This year will see that expand even further, firstly with more regional Mexican dishes to choose from, and then with other Latin American delights making their way to London streets. The powerful flavours and unique combinations mean they’re set to be a big hit. From the Park Grand London Paddington, you’re well connected to dig into the treats found at MNKY HSE, La Fonda De Maria, and much more.

Moving away from food waste

Sustainability is a huge trend this year in the food business, and it’ll be reflected in the food offerings you’ll see in London this year as more chefs take steps to embrace the movement. Expect to see menus filled with dishes that use every part of a vegetable or animal, it’ll give you a chance to try something new and experience exciting flavours.

Izakaya style restaurants

If you’re a fan of tucking into sushi and want to experience more Japanese cuisine, we’ve got great news, izakaya style dining is coming to London. It’s a laidback way to eat, with small plates of traditional Japanese delicacies and boozy drinks. It’s this style of dining that’s incredibly popular in Tokyo in the evenings for good reason. Koya Soho is just a short journey from your hotel room and Tonkotsu Notting Hill is close by too if you want to experience izakaya dining.