Hyde Park: Enliven the Merriment


London’s Hyde Park was one of the most amazing parks I saw when I visited London. Situated near the Park Grand Hotel which is one of the most exotic ones in the city, Hyde Park had so much to offer. The wide area of the park having thousands of trees, a huge lake, and ornamental flower gardens was just spellbinding.

The Park is meant for people of all age groups as you can enjoy swimming, boating, cycling, skating or you can just sit back and relax and be mesmerized by the greenery all over the place. The four miles long road, Rotten Row is a famous bridle path which is used for horse riding, cycling, rollerblading, jogging etc. This was one of the first lit public road in England as the king at that time found it way too dark so he had oil lamps installed along the route.

After experimenting with all the activities one is tend to get hungry and the hunger is killed by the two lakeside restaurants which serve a three-course meal and also a quick cup of coffee. I was taken aback by the scrumptious food and lip smacking coffee.

On my way to Hyde Park I was told that it is famous for its Speaker’s Corner and to my excitement I went to that place and got to know that it has a history. It was a place where people could speak freely in 1872 when after riots police tried to disband political meetings. Every Sunday people stand on a soap box and proclaim their views on political, religious or other item.

Hyde Park is home to a number of fascinating buildings and monuments, such as The Serpentine Bridge, the Joy of Life fountain and the famous Archiles statue. And with the Diana Memorial Fountain and open air events throughout the year, there’s always something to see and do.