Hyde Park Hotel Rooms And Annual Events


There is no doubt that London is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The yearly statistics about international arrivals in the city proves testimony to that. The city is visited by about thirty million visitors every year and this number is increasing year on year. Even during the time of recession 2008, millions visited the city and had immense fun in its events. In fact, the best way to experience London and enjoy a memorable holiday here is to plan a holiday during a major annual event in the city. Equally important is to book a preferred accommodation at one of the Hyde park Hotel Rooms in advance.

London is a city of festivals, events and recreational activities. Many festivals and fairs are held every year and pull a huge crowd to the city. Christmas, for instance, is the biggest celebration of the year in London. Celebrations start more than a month before the Christmas Eve with all the major high streets of the West End indulging in a festive glow when Christmas lights are switched on November. Ice-skating rinks open their doors at Hyde Park, the Natural History Museum, Somerset House and the Tower of London. Delightful makeshift markets are organized at many places in the city and attract shoppers from around the world. All the Hyde park Hotel Rooms offer lucrative festive deals and privileges to their guests in the yuletide season.

The New Year’s Eve is another big event in London and is celebrated with much fanfare. An impressive fireworks display takes place at the London Eye ferries wheel and leaves all the onlookers gasping for breath. Locals and visitors also get to here the iconic sound of the twelve chimes of the Big Ben which is one of the major tourist attractions in the city and also its representative symbol. Club and DJ nights are held around the city and all its pubs, cafes, gay bars and restaurants present a lively ambience close to major city hotels London.

The London Film Festival takes place in the mid-late fall and attracts film enthusiasts from far and wide. More than 50 countries participate in the festival where hundreds of films are showcased. Filmmakers, actors, and directors educate newbies on the art of filmmaking. Many theatres across London screen popular English and foreign language films. The Children’s Film Festival is also held in London in the late fall and offers a great opportunity for families to enjoy delightful movies together.

Information about all the London events and festivals can be obtained from a number of sources. The Internet is your major and free source to gather updated information about all these events. A number of websites update the information on regular basis. Weekely journals are also widely available in London and offer information about the various upcoming events and activities in the city.