Hyde Park Hotel Rooms


London is one of the most popular tourists destinations in the world and a vast majority of these tourists are young families travelling with children. London can be a daunting city for families with small children; the hectic life style can feel overwhelming at times. Having said that, London is one of the most exciting cities in the world, and children will experience a unique way of life.

If you are a family travelling to London with small children, then there is no better place to make your ‘home from home’ than a hotel near Hyde Park. Hyde Park is a relatively quiet place, free of much of the hustle and bustle, but always with plenty entertainment on offer. Moreover, Hyde Park is a stone’s throw away from many of London’s leading tourist attractions. Hyde Park hotel rooms are ideal, therefore, because they offer both peace and quiet when needed, but also the full gamut of excitement.

Hyde Park

Hyde Park is one of several Royal parks found in the city of London – so called because the royal families of England once owned them. The parks are now open to the public and each one has its own character and choice of attractions. Hyde Park, however, is by far the most popular, and the largest.

The park itself offers many attractions: it is an emerald gem amongst a concrete urban jungle. Amongst the many attractions, you will find:

The Diana Memorial Fountain: in celebration of the late Princess Diana, the memorial fountain is a sprawling interactive fountain in which people can paddle and splash around.

The Serpentine Lake: the serpentine is a large artificial lake where you can find deckchairs and boats for hire. It is a fantastic place to come in the balmy days of summer, and a great place to cool down away from the craziness of the main city.

Speaker’s Corner: Speaker’s Corner is of historical interest and, in a sense, is emblematic of democracy and freedom of speech and expression. Anybody can mount the plinth and speak on any subject they wish. It is always a fun place to be, and there are no guarantees of the type of conversation you will head.

The Adventure Playgrounds: there are three children’s playgrounds in the park, all of them large, and all of them busy. Kids can spend hours playing and meeting new friends.

There are many other permanent attractions, but we don’t want to spoil all the surprises, you need to come and discover your own personal Hyde Park.

Aside from the permanent attractions, there are many transitory events and sites. On any given day, you can expect to see:

Outdoor cinemas screens: from time to time in the summer month, you can catch a film out in the open air.

The Winter Wonderland: In winter, the park comes alive with the Winter Wonderland, which is a large fairground complete with rides, an ice rink, a Christmas market and a circus.

Music Festivals: there are frequent music festivals, theatre performances and live orchestras.

Of course, these are just some of the attractions you will find in the park, there are many more nearby.Request further information on hotel rooms and attractions in the area, at https://www.parkgrandlondon.co.uk/.