Hyde Park London: A Must-See


Nature and travel make an amazing combination for travelers who seek pleasure in the lap of the Mother Nature. Enthusiast travelers make it a point to spend sufficient time at the green areas at or near every destination they travel to. Travelers to London can enjoy a treat as the city has some of the most beautiful parks in the world. One such park is the Hyde Park London which is a bright feather in the cap of the city and fascinates every traveler with its natural beauty. Its serene and rejuvenating atmosphere attracts many nature lovers from different parts of the world. Moreover, due to numerous budget accommodations available in close proximity to the park, visitors can get access to the park easily.

Spread far and wide, Hyde Park London is one of the largest parks located in the center of the city. It was opened to general public in 1637 by Charles I. Counted among the Royal Parks of the city, it served as the site for 1851’s Great Exhibition. The park has also served as site of many demonstrations and protests held by Londoners. Apart from its historical importance, the park attracts a huge crowd due to various other factors. It has a beautiful rose garden that was built in 1994 and spreads tasteful fragrance in the whole park. The grand entrance of the park is a symbol of its royal importance and an emblem of the park.

Hyde Park London has numerous attractions that captivate the onlookers with their charm and significance. One such site is Speaker’s Corner located close to Marble Arch. Another very important site is memorial of the Princess of Wales Diana. The memorial is in the form of an oval stone ring fountain. Opened in July 2004, this memorial is a huge crowd puller to the park. In fact, a visit to Hyde Park London is incomplete unless you capture the sight of the memorial in your mind. There are other memorials in the park raised in the memory of the victims of the 7 July Bombings and another is the Holocaust Memorial. Many famous rock concerts have also been held in the park. In fact, the park will be hosting the 10km open water swimming events and the triathlon.

Travelers can easily get to Hyde Park London through train. The park has five underground stations around it including Hyde Park Corner (Piccadilly Line), Knightsbridge (Piccadilly Line), Queensway (Central Line), Lancaster Gate (Central Line) and Marble Arch (Central Line). You can also reach the park by bus. Travelers can pay a visit to the many museums located near the park. Hyde Park features numerous eateries around it where tourists can relax and enjoy a variety of delicious foods. So, it is highly recommended that you stay at a Hotel Near Hyde Park London. To make a booking now, log on to parkgrandlondon.co.uk and choose the type of accommodation that suits your taste.