Hyde Park Paddington Hotels Offer A Peaceful Stay


You must have heard the famous proverb “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Many of us, even after knowing the true meaning of this proverb, do not act on it. We are so heavily immersed in our daily routine that the chance to liberate ourselves from it in the near future seems bleak to us because of workload. Not only do we become dull but also tend to deteriorate our health in sedentary jobs. This is really something to worry about.

Did you know that even planning for a holiday and searching for a destination to visit releases positive enzymes in our bodies making us stress free and happy eventually. Now imagine how healthy and blissful you will feel when you will actually be holidaying in a wonderful tourist destination, London for instance. Holidaying gives you the opportunity to break free from your monotonous routine and find peace of mind. In London, Hyde Park is the most tranquil place that charms visitors with its serene and lush beauty. The park is in the Paddington district due to which Hyde Park Paddington hotels witness a high occupancy rate round the year.

Hyde Park is the largest green place in Central London and an ancestral property of Her Majesty, the Queen. The park was a deer hunting ground at one time and was open only to the gentlefolk of the city. Today people hunt relaxation in the park and spend hours there. Many of them do different recreational activities while others just relax and unwind in the peaceful atmosphere. Picnicking in the meadow is a popular activity with locals and visitors alike. Many people can be seen having fun at the fountain memorial dedicated to the Princess of Wales, Diana. People sunbathe for hours on the sides of the artificial Serpentine Lake while many enjoy swimming and boating. Bird-watching can be best enjoyed in London’s Hyde Park that has the most awe-inspiring flora and fauna around.

One of the major reasons why most tourists prefer to get accommodation at one of the hotels near London Hyde Park, even if they have to pay more in the peak season, is its proximity to West End. There is so much to see and do. Being the entertainment core of the city, West End offers theatre, cinema, world class shopping, and The Piccadilly West End Hotel. Some of the best shopping places in this area are Oxford Street (Topshop, House of Fraser, Zara and Primark), Bond Street and Regent Street. In the evening, visitors can find refuge in the refreshing tranquility of Hyde Park before getting back to their Hyde Park Paddington hotel. They can do roller skating, horse riding or play tennis and cricket or may just lie down in peace on the grass to breathe the fresh fragrance ridden air for sometime. To enjoy all this book one of the hotels near London Hyde Park now.