Ideal for Lone Travellers – Bed & Breakfast London


London is an expensive city, especially for an outsider who has arrived in the city for a short duration of time. You have to arrange the accommodation for the entire duration of the trip, look for good options of restaurants and bars and have to figure out which place is where in order to reach your destination for which you have arrived in London. Things are much easier when you can spend lavishly but since London is one of costliest cities in the world, not everyone can think of allotting a huge amount of money for a short trip to London.

So what are the options available to a budget traveller in the city of London? Well, to start with, you can search for a decent budget hotel where basic facilities and services are provided to you at affordable prices. There are many such options of budget hotels available in London. Or else you can opt for a bed & breakfast London hotel where you will be provided with a bed to spend the night and wholesome traditional English breakfast in the morning. Usually two people share the room, as in there are two single beds in a room and therefore you and one another traveller will have to share the room during the night.

Most of the bed & breakfast London accommodations have attached bathrooms but there is also a possibility that the bathroom is separate from the room itself which you will be sharing with more number of people. It may sound a little uncomfortable because of so many people staying together but it is an excellent option for saving money which you can spend on other luxuries like shopping or sight seeing. And for a single person travelling with minimum luggage a bed & breakfast arrangement is quite suitable.

In fact many people prefer staying in a bed & breakfast London hotel rather than the regular hotels since you get a wonderful opportunity to interact with people from different backgrounds and individualities. It enables you to open up with people from different nations or cities and understand their logics and ideologies about life.