It wasn’t always northern Ireland alone!


Up until 1921 the whole of Ireland was part of the United Kingdom, it was during this time when the north and south divide was created, the northern portion of the country was predominantly protestant and below the border was catholic, this is how the divide and the split was formed, on religion purposes. Religion in Ireland is taken very seriously and it has been the cause of many civil wars.  When southern Ireland got independence officially in 1921 they grew from strength to strength, they are still going strong today and live in peace with the rest of the UK.

If this type of seriousness and hatred was placed anywhere else in the world, for instance in London, where there are millions of people from different cultures and back grounds all residing here, the wars would never end, many people in London walk down the street every day and do not even think that they are walking along side, black, Jamaican, African, Muslim, Jewish, Catholic, C of E, Sheik, Pakistani and so many other races and religions, it is the norm to us, but in Ireland the picture and story is very different.

Civil wars in Northern Ireland between the Catholic and Protestants are happening on a regular basis, they are a part of everyday life for the residents who live there. If this type of violence and aggression was to the brought to London there wouldn’t be a London for us to love and enjoy the way we do today. London is one of the most beautiful capital cities in the world, it has had its fair share of wars and destruction over the years and today it is a peaceful calm place that people love to spend time. There are reminders of the destruction throughout the city but nothing in comparison to what you might witness in northern Ireland, London moves on and learns to live with the hard-ship it has been dealt over the years, we recover and grow stronger and more united.

As southern Ireland detached and became independent in 1921, it is difficult to make any comments, simply because there were different times back then, people, lives and circumstances were very different compared to the way we live our lives today. The government was different and the conflicts where certainly much different than today, and with WW1 ending it goes without saying the whole world was in a different state of mind.
Just because the south isn’t a part of the UK any more does not mean it is not loved and not appreciated, Dublin is one of the most visited destinations for groups of people looking for a fun weekend, for people to absorb the culture and enjoy the atmosphere the city provides, it is much the same as London, only London appears a little more cosmopolitan where Dublin has more tradition.