Keep costs down during your visit to London


A city break in a bustling capital like London can quickly become very expensive. But it’s not much fun spending your holiday counting the pennies.

Thankfully, there are plenty of easy ways to avoid breaking the bank, without compromising on enjoyment.

So here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your London hotel break with a few pounds left to spare.

Keep an eye on food costs

Food isn’t an optional expense, but it’s very easy to end up paying more than you actually need to.

Therefore, keeping some snacks in your hotel room, such as fruit and yoghurt, can be a good way to save cash, as you can take them with you so you won’t be nipping into every takeaway or sandwich shop you see.

You could also keep costs down by having your main meals at budget establishments with good deals. For instance, a hefty-sized meal and a drink can cost less than £10 in places such as Wetherspoons.

Alternatively, you can simply make a concerted effort to have your main evening meal away from the well-known, trendy and upmarket restaurants and eat somewhere a little off the beaten track instead.

And if the snacks you’ve brought aren’t enough while you’re out and about, head to somewhere like Tesco or Sainsbury’s and grab an affordable meal deal, with a sandwich or wrap, a drink and a snack costing around £3. What a bargain!

Take public transport

Travelling by taxi can be expensive and so can using London’s car parks. So get an Oyster card and hop on the bus and Tube network to get around conveniently and affordably.

Don’t forget to take the opportunity to get off at some of the lesser known locations away from the big tourist hotspots.

Look for cheap theatre tickets

London has a huge number of theatres, so many in fact that it’s easy to find cheap tickets for a wide variety of shows.

For instance, there are 700 £5 standing tickets available for every performance at the Globe on London’s Southbank.

Taking in a show at a legendary London venue could be even more satisfying if you don’t feel you’ve had to pay over the odds.

London is often portrayed as an expensive city, but the truth is that with just a few frugal choices and a bit of common sense, there’s no need to get anywhere near to breaking the bank.

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