Kids learn and have fun at the Princess Diana Memorial Playground


The Princess Diana Memorial Playground is a picturesque space located next to Kensington Palace that aims to allow able bodied and less able bodied children to play together.

It is a fitting legacy for Princess Diana, who loved to celebrate the innocence of childhood.

The playground, which is inspired by the stories of Peter Pan, helps youngsters to improve their physical, social and creative skills as they play.

It is designed to encourage children to explore and follow their imaginations, and promises to be an educational experience as well as a fun one.

So what does this unique playground include?

The first thing you’ll notice on your arrival – and this is bound to get the kids hopping up and down with excitement – is the huge wooden pirate ship that forms the centrepiece of the area. Kids are free to clamber all over this structure, pretending to be sailors, or pirates, or the fearsome Captain Hook himself! This pirate ship is surrounded by a beach, filled with toys.

As previously mentioned, there is an area where able bodied and less able children are able to play together, and there is also a sensory trail, providing a learning experience for kids.

There are also a number of teepees that the kids will love exploring, and plenty of lush greenery where they can pretend they’re the Lost Boys living with Peter Pan in the forest. There are also plenty of play sculptures dotted around, and adults need not fear – lots of seating options mean they’ll be able to relax while the children scamper around.

It is clear why the playground is immensely popular, and indeed, over one million visitors flock to it each year. This is no surprise given that it provides a magical space for children to get lost in their own creativity and imagination – and all for free!

All you need to do is get your family to the Bayswater Road entrance to Kensington Gardens – this can be found between Orme Square Gate and Black Lion Gate.

It’s also fairly easy to get to the Gardens using public transport:

  • Take the tube to Kensington High Street
  • Turn right out of the station
  • Walk for ten minutes to Palace Gate
  • Walk towards the palace buildings
  • Turn right onto the Broad Walk
  • Continue up the path with the pond on your right until you reach the top
  • The playground is at the top on the left