A List Of London Events You Can Enjoy This Year: July-December


There are some exciting things happening in London this year from July to December and it’s going to be filled with exciting and entertaining things to do! Throughout the summer, and into the fall and winter, lots of events will be taking place in the capital and you won’t want to miss out on any of it. Events & Festivals In London are popular with people from all over the globe, who travel here to have a good time, eat amazing food and immerse themselves in the culture of fun this city has. If you plan to head to London to attend any of these events and festivals, you should stay at the stunning Park Grand Paddington Suites, as it’s the perfect place for roaming visitors, looking for a luxurious place to spend the night. Here is a list of 4 brilliantly fun events and festivals happening this year from July to December in London.

The Underbelly Festival

In July, people everywhere in London will be coming together to attend the Underbelly Festival, a fun- packed event full of live music, entertainment, live-circus and comedy, in South Bank. This year is special because the festival will join forces with London Wonder ground which will result in performances from some of the hottest live acts in the music industry. This is perfect for young, music lovers, who love to party in the sun whilst listening to the best music!

Notting Hill Carnival

Notting Hill Carnival

In August, London will be taking to the streets dressed in garish costumes and Caribbean inspired outfits for the annual Notting Hill Carnival, which takes place on the streets of West London. There will be lots of music, partying and great Caribbean food to enjoy there, and if the weather permits, it’s usually a gloriously fun-filled couple of days! It’s best to arrive early to this event as it gets incredibly packed quite quickly. That way you can explore all the West London streets and watch the musical floats go by!

The BBC Proms 2017

 Royal Albert Hall - bbc proms

This September the biggest classical music festival is being held at the prestigious Royal Albert Hall: The BBC proms! Opening with a dance and a shout, this festival will host a range of concerts and will feature some of the most-loved and best-known music from the classical repertoire. This concert is held for people of all ages and is very affordable, so it’s worth checking one of the many concerts out! The concerts aren’t just for classical music lovers, so anyone can go along and experience the stunning live sounds of a world-class orchestra.

London Cocktail Week

London Cocktail Week

This October prepare to nurse a few hangovers as it will be the time of London Cocktail Week, a seven-day party which is held across the capital, bringing together all lovers of fine alcohol and cocktails! Some creatively, delicious drinks will be served up at many bars and restaurants in the capital and some of them have some very interesting names. You can make the most of London Cocktail Week by taking advantage of the special offers which will be available and also get involved in tasting food and drink pairings, parties and master classes!